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Ranbir Kapoor Tests Positive For Covid19 And Is Alia Next?

The Bollywood celebrity, Ranbir Kapoor tested positive for coronavirus, reportedly. Randhir Kapoor, his uncle and one of the Hindi film industry’s legends also revealed that the news is authentic. He mentioned that the ‘Sanju’ film’s actor is not well; However, he didn’t directly state that Ranbir might have caught covid 19. Moreover, people are assuming that other cast members of the film Brahmastara, which is currently under making, will also be infected as they have been in contact with Ranbir.

How Did Ranbir Kapoor Catch Virus? 

It appears that a third wave of the virus is infecting a lot of people, reportedly. The virus didn’t leave Bollywood’s renowned personalities as well. Presently, the public is wondering about how Ranbir Kapoor caught the deadly virus. Kapoor was presumably infected by coming in contact with his mother, Neetu Singh. A few days back, she also tested positive for covid19 and was taken to the hospital, allegedly. 

Other than that, the actor was busy doing the shooting for multiple upcoming movies. Therefore, it is likely that he might have caught the infection while working on the movie set.

Is Brahmastara Shooting Going to be Stopped?

Brahmastara Part One of Three is an upcoming movie with the cast members including Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt. Although, the movie has been facing numerous glitches since the completion of the project not even remotely close. Previously, Rishi Kapoor’s Death became a tragic event in the history of Bollywood. Later, Ranbir’s mother and Amitabh Bachchan caught the virus, and now the actor himself is supposedly infected with the Covid19. Being a main part of the cast in the Brahmastara and falling sick is a bad omen for the imminent movie. Also, such unfortunate events in Kapoor’s family are resulting in delaying the film’s completion. Thus, it is being assumed that the movie will take more time to be ready to hit the big screens.

Assumptions About Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor isn’t the only one to be the talk of the town after testing positive for coronavirus. His co-star, Alia Bhatt also happens to be a topic of discussion. The reason is that the actress has been close to Kapoor and his family, which makes her the next victim of the virus. Her fans are supposedly getting worried since her new movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara sequel is under making and if the actress falls sick, the film will have to face a delay. 

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