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Rape Threats to 10 Months Old Daughter of Anuskha and Virat make Fans Furious

A quite disturbing thing regarding the daughter of Anushka and Virat has been roaming the internet. Some Indian extremists threatened their 10 months old daughter. Just for Virat Kohli’s poor performance and his strong stance against anti-Muslimism, his whole family became the target. The threats turned out to be offensive for many Indians and Muslims as social media users started supporting the famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, wife of Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli.

People Stand with Anushka and Virat Against the Troll

The news about the people bad-mouthing about the kid caught the attention of several. Social media began to flood with comments and posts against those who tried to target the daughter of the celebrities.

Andre Borges, DNA’s former pop culture editor expressed his concerns about Indians being unethical. He quoted the entire scenario and concluded the post with a sarcastic comment “this is the India that we let happen”.

other than that, Swati Chaturvedi, GULF news columnist also made her way to social media to oppose the uncalled-for threat to the 10 months old kid. She supported Kohli’s stance of supporting his teammate by calling out the so-called prejudiced Indians. She posted a picture where the idiocy of people regarding the daughter of Anushka and Virat was revealed and mentioned that this action was nauseating for her.

T20 World Cup to Be the Sole Reason for the Shameful Act

The world already knows that the Indian cricket team hasn’t been performing well in the T20 world cup. The consecutive defeats have led the team towards facing criticism. However, their poor performance has affected Indians the most. Also, the disturbed Indian extremists took the negativity and anger to a whole other level by threatening Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s daughter.

People are saying that it was the T20 world cup that became the sheer reason for some extremists to go such hideous lengths. Although, it started when Indians bashed Shami for being a Muslim. They called him a traitor and accused him of purposely making India lose the match against Pakistan. Upon which, Virat Kohli took a stand and talked back to those people. He mentioned that it’s a pathetic thing for a human to attack someone’s religion. He concluded by saying that he couldn’t waste a single moment of his life on those who couldn’t see Shami’s efforts and passion for the country. Swara Bashar appreciated Kohli’s stance and retweeted his post too.

people on social media are also pointing out that that the outrage and extremism is a by-product of the Modi Government’s plans to spread hatred for the Minorities, especially against Muslims.

Besides, this isn’t the only bad thing that happened after India lost matches. Reportedly, some miscreants looted the rooms of Kashmiri students from the colleges of Punjab. They beat them brutally too for being Muslims and supporting Pakistan in the world cup.

Celebrities Face the Wrath of Extremists

Anushka and Virat aren’t the only celebrities to face such a threat. Somehow, celebrities around the globe always find themselves in a pickle whenever something twitching comes up. The public becomes offended and they begin to hit celebs with harsh criticism or threats. Previously, MS Dhoni, another popular Indian cricketer also experienced a similar problem. A 16-year-old threatened to rape his 5 years old daughter on social media. It is hard to digest that one moment people are loving their favorite celebrities and the very next moment, criticism, hatred, and threats take place. Just like a few months, back fans were eager to see Virat and Anushka baby pictures and now some extremists are crossing limits by threatening to rape the kid.

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