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Rapper Slim 400 Is in Hospital After Being Shot 10 Times Reportedly

It seems someone is thirsty for rappers blood. Just two months ago rapper Nipsy Hussle got gunned down in front of his clothing store in South Los Angeles, and now rapper Slim 400 has been shot ten times reportedly.

Details About Slim 400 Getting Shot

According to media reports, the rapper was shot at 8:30 pm on the West Coast. The Compton resident was a close friend with the now deceased rapper Nipsy Hussle who was gunned down two months before. Slim was regarded as a local hero by his community and was known for helping fellow aspiring rappers.

According to Twitter user Adam22, Slim 400 was shot ten times before he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He is alive but is still in critical condition. A black vehicle was seen leaving the area after the shooting and might have any connections with the incident.

Reports of Slim’s death have also emerged but they have turned out to be mere rumors.

The police have already cordoned off the place where the incident took place and have launched a full-scale search to find the black vehicle seen leaving the area.

Compton is A Dangerous Area

Compton is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on the west coast. It has one of the highest murder rates and to top it all off other illegal activities in the area like drugs or gambling are very prevalent. Some of today’s most well-known rappers like twopak or 50 cent used to live there at one time but moved out on the first chance they got.

The Fans Are Heart Broken

Fans from far and wide are praying for Slim to recover quickly. They want to see their favorite rapper back on his feet and entertaining his fans the way he does.

People are also saying that Slim is shot because he is gang affiliated.

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