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Ravi Shastri Reappointed As Head Coach- Indians Are Ticked

In a press conference, the BCCI announced that Ravi Shastri would remain the head coach of the Indian Cricket Team. This has not settled well with Indian fans who feel he is the worst choice for such a position.

There Were No Biases towards Ravi Shastri

The selection committee led by Kapil Dave while talking to the media explained the reason behind their choice. He said,” the selection process was a free and fair process that was conducted on the basis of predetermined selection criteria enforced by the BCCI. No player or anyone other than the concerned person were involved in the process.”

“The reason we chose Ravi Shastri is that we felt that he had a better-planned strategy as compared to the others. He understands the system better and is close to the players” Kapil said.

Indians Really Seem Ticked

Regardless of what Kapil and other members of the selection committee think Indian fans feel quite the opposite. They are asking the members of the selection committee to come to their senses and remember the world cup performance.

They also think that the selection of the Shastri means another world cup loss and more bad performances 

Indian cricket fans while watching the selection committee explain how unbiased the selection process felt wondered why the outcome was so predictable.

This Is the Real Reason Why He Got Selected

No matter what the selection committee members say the real reason behind his selection is as follows, and no one can refute this.

As the head coach, the following will be the first order Ravi will give to the team today

Fans opine that Rahul Dravid would have been a better choice as they think him someone who truly nurtures the team and brings the best out of everyone who is supporting the team in their own way.

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