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Rebirth of the Ever Reliable Nokia 3310

There are rumors that Nokia 3310 is set to reappear. Nokia 3310 is not just that average cell phone which would get lost in the heap of obsoleted technology.

There are no words to put together to express the love that cellphone lovers have for Nokia 3310.

While others say, Nokia 3310 has the same place in cell fans’ hearts as celeb photographers have for Kim Kardashian.

Draw whatever analogy you want to, but Nokia 3310 has achieved a cult status among the cell phone users. And the company behind the new launch is soon to unveil this new cellphone.

The truth about the relaunch of Nokia 3310 will soon come to light as the company behind its return will reveal its plans for the upcoming Mobile World Conference.

What is Mobile World Conference?

Mobile World Conference takes place every year which features world-recognized executives from mobile operating companies, device manufacturers, vendors, content owners, and technology providers. This year’s Mobile Word Conference will take place between 27th February and 2nd March in Barcelona Spain.

The Features of New Nokia 3310 2017

A noticeable kick up the butt of the new Nokia gives it hardware and technology upgrades. One realizes that the company, supposedly planning the relaunch of Nokia 3310 2017 is darn serious about it when they talk about blessing it with a rear camera. And not just any camera we see on the front-side of every new smartphone. A great 22.6 MP camera powered by a Carl Zeiss lens to give you the pictures you want.

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Top Ten Things Which Make Nokia 3310 still ring a bell in our minds.

  • Nokia sold around 126 million phones of this model worldwide.
  • The phone had several variants like 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390, and 3395.
  • You had to decide for yourself that it was time to charge your Nokia 3301 instead of the other way around. A massive 260 hours’ standby time and 4 hours and 30 minutes of talk time are things that make phones like iPhone 7 and Samsung S6 jealous of it.
  • The sturdy casing of this phone made it indestructible. Most of the times the phone would survive a drop from a height or being submerged in shallow water.
  • Many cellphone users still look forward to playing the Snake game on their new Nokia 3310.
  • You could change the casing of your phone to something you liked. New phones make it hard to change their look completely. Hopefully, Nokia 3310’s return would mean the ability to customize the look and feel of your phone.
  • The good old Nokia gave you the option to customize your welcome screen. Hopefully, we are going to see the same kind of customization of the welcome screen.
  • And Nokia 3310 did allow you to make your ringtones. Let see if the return of Nokia 3310 retains that feature.
  • The minimalist amount of features gives you what you need. This minimalism means no hanging of the phone or changing it as soon as a new software update become available.
  • A compact design which always made Nokia 3310 a natural fit into the pocket and easy to carry around. Smartphones, chew that, a lot more portability and you don’t need to get worried about breaking the screen or twisting your OLED display.

The new phone must be able to have all that its previous version offered plus more features.

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