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Recommended Vaccines for Children and Adults

Vaccines for children and adults are very important to protect them against dangerous and life threatening diseases. However, the immunization schedule 2017 gives you a clear direction about the different vaccines that need to be administered. These child vaccinations vaccines help in strengthening their immunization.

Vaccines for Children

The vaccines for children differ according to their age. Let us look at the immunizations for children at different ages.

Time of Birth

On the day of the birth, the doctor will administer Hepatitis B vaccine’s first dose.

1 – 2 Months Old

The second dose of the Hepatitis B, one of the most recommended vaccines for children is given at this age.

2 Months Old

RV – for Rotavirus.

PCV – is pneumococcal vaccine for fighting against pneumonia.  

IPV – a shot against the polio virus.

Hib – vaccination against influenza.

DTaP – to protect against various diseases including tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis.

4 Months Old

More dosages for RV, PCV, IPV, Hib, and DTaP.

6 Months Old

RV – the third dose may be required but depends on the product brand.

PCV – Another dosage of the pneumococcal.

Hib – similarly, a third dosage may be needed, again depends on the brand.

Above 6 Months and Annually

The children need to have the influenza vaccination every year above the age of 6 months. The doctor will use an injection to administer the vaccine. The children can no longer use it in a nasal spray form due to its unavailability.

Between 6 Months and 18 Months Old

The children in this age bracket get last doses of Hepatitis B and IPV.

Vaccines for Adults

Here is a look at the vaccines for adults that doctors recommend.

Recommended Vaccines for Children & Adults

19 to 26 Years Old

HPV or Human Papillomavirus Vaccination of 3 dosages during this age bracket for both male and female.

19 to 59 Years Old

MMR or Measles, Rubella, and Mumps shots administered 1 to 2 times, depending on the medical condition.  

19 to 64 Years Old

Pneumococcal, 1 to 2 dosages of the vaccination for this illness.

19 to 65+ Years Old

Influenza – 1 dosage of it administered annually.

Hib – Haemophilus influenzae or type b vaccination is administered 1 to 3 times depending on the medical condition of the patient.

MenB (Meningococcal)– The doctor will give 2 to 3 dosages.

MenACWY / MPSV4 (Meningococcal) – The patient will usually get one or more shots depending on the indication.

Hep A – Hepatitis A vaccine, 2 or 3 dosages.

Hep B – Hepatitis B vaccination, three doses.

PCV 13 – 1 dose of the pneumococcal medicine.

VAR – Pneumococcal shot administered to the patient once a lifetime.

Td or Tdap – Tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis is administered by substituting Tdap with Td once. Then the patient is given Td booster after every ten years.

60 to 65+ Years Old

HZV or Herpes zoster’s one shot is given once above the age of 60 years.

These are some of the mandatory vaccines for children and adults. Some new vaccines promise to fight the diseases that we commonly face. One such vaccine for cholesterol may be available in the future.

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