Monday, December 4, 2023
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Reddit Allows Better Brand Management for Businesses

Now, companies can ensure better brand management, thanks to Reddit’s new policy shift. The company’s deal with Sprinklr, a social media marketing platform lets brands publish comments. Businesses can also participate in discussions relating to subreddits. The brands will be able to manage the private messages too.

Sprinklr Integration for Better Brand Management

Reddit went for Sprinklr integration to ensure brands could use the website for publishing content. Previously labels would have to rely on Reddit for managing private messages or install its app like the rest of the users.

A Bid to Attract More Marketers

Reddit strives to make the platform more attractive for the marketers. Some of the steps taken by the site to ensure better brand management include the following.

  • The whitelisting of subreddits for better brand safety.
  • The use of interest based targeting to evolve the Reddit business model further.
  • To update and improve its self-serve ad-buying tool.
  • Also, the company plans to let marketers create and make available more profile pages.

Better Brand Management

Lowering of the Barriers

The company understands the difficulties that marketers face when promoting their brands. Therefore, it is reducing the obstacles which may create hindrances in using the platform for marketing purposes.

How will integration help in brand visibility?

The fundamental purpose of the integration is to overcome the cumbersome processes previously in place. The new change will help reduce the time required to access the available data. Thus, the marketers would be able to publish the messages while quickly commenting on subreddits. Therefore, the whole exercise centralizes the management of customer experience.

Availability of Historical and Real-time Data

Data is critical for businesses greater commercial success. They can leverage it to realize more significant revenue streams. This data would help the brands take advantage of the site’s massive traffic. Brands will be able to see how the site’s visitors are interacting with it. They would be able to carefully follow trending topics and incorporate them into their online marketing strategies.

The company has also integrated the backend in such a manner that the businesses can use the same tool for collecting data and creating actionable marketing strategies. Since we know the amount of power this website holds regarding conversions, brands would love to tap into that potential. The use of Sprinklr would empower marketers to understand customers’ feedback and resolve their problems too. Sprinklr would help identify the brand mentions and places where a company’s representative needs to jump in.

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