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Redefine your Business Strategy through Improved Customer Journey

When we talk about the most widely used Enterprise Resource Planning system till today, SAP comes on top. This system has been integrated into thousands of companies all around the world, especially in America, Europe, and the Middle East. SAP can perform all types of business process through proper optimization and automation.

The advancement in technology now lets the ERP system integrated with other business software and applications to improve the business strategy and get more authentic results for all the departments of the organization. It is observed that many companies are facing issues when they try to integrate these systems according to their plan.

How to Integrate SAP and Salesforce Applications Properly?

In implementing business processes, the focus of every organization should be to customers as they are the people who help us in achieving organizational goals. As in this discussion, we are exploring the value of integration of business applications for the improvement of our processes. It is essential to learn how to improve the customer journey.

For that, we recommend the integration of Salesforce applications with SAP as we think that it is the best combination for achieving the business goals through proper integration, automation, and optimization of the business applications. The basic procedure of integration in between SAP CRM/ ECC and salesforce applications is through the automatic transfer of data from one system to another in a two-sided process.

The integration of both the systems is performed in such a way that when a new customer or client is added to Salesforce application, the whole data becomes available in SAP business solution, and the entire process takes place through the synchronization of the two systems. You have the option to transfer all types of data, information, and files through this system, but when we talk about the most common files which are shared, we can give the items like business partners and their contacts and the opportunities which can be availed through accessing this critical data.

As described earlier, the integrated system is two-sided so the information added in SAP will also be available on salesforce application. When we talk about the benefits of this integration, the following cannot be ignored:

  • The data can be synchronized in both the systems.
  • Existing SAP Pl platform can be used for integration.
  • The messages can be monitored transparently.
  • Immediate transfer of data takes place.
  • Standard communication channels can be utilized.
  • All the information traveling between the systems is encrypted

The Data Transfer Procedure

Now the question arises, how data transfer is performed through SAP. If there is a business partner who is using SAP ERP standard transaction mode, they will use IDoc. IDoc is a document format for sending business transaction data in the Salesforce application. All the valuable information can be transferred with the required details. IDoc is then converted into an XML message which can be transferred, but before that, PI is used for sending the data automatically. The salesforce application sends the reply immediately and after that transfer process is completed. This data can also be used in other business processes of SAP as well.

What do we recommend?

For making this integration process successful, we want to suggest some ground rules for which you will be able to use the system intelligently:

  • The initial loading of data should only be through Data Loader if you are using Salesforce Application.
  • It is also important to only synchronize e necessary data and leave all other information intact.
  • Please make sure that the transfer of data is secure and safe.
  • You must calculate the number of API calls through which data will be transferred so you can analyze the data correctly.

Some SAP organizations have developed apps for seamless and proper integration of SAP system with Salesforce applications through which you can perform all your business activities without spending huge amounts of money on SAP PI. These companies also provide demos for you to develop your interest in it and help you make all the integration through a duly organized ERP system.

Author - Khurram Shahzad

Khurram Shahzad is a Freelance Content Writer working for different organizations with an interest and passion in digital marketing.

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