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Refugee Graduate Goes Viral For Standing With Looking For Work Sign

A refugee graduate who studied Aerospace Engineering at Southampton University went viral for standing outside Canary Wharf station with a looking for work sign. The student’s self-promotional endeavor became successful as he went viral on social media and started receiving job offers from several well-reputed organizations.

Refugee Graduate’s Strategy to Get Job

According to media reports, 22 years old Mohamed Elbarkey, a refugee who came from Libya to the UK with his family graduated from Southampton University with an upper division 2:1.

Elbarkey who is studying Space Engineering from UCL reportedly applied in 70 organizations but didn’t receive an offer. The youngster is also looking for a job in the financial sector which is another exciting thing.

Who He Went Viral

So, Elbarkey decided to stand outside Canary Wharf station with a sign that read, “Came as a refugee, just graduated from UCL in ROCKET SCIENCE. Looking for a career in finance. Ask for CV”.

He got mainstream attention when Mary Engleheart spotted him and shared his picture on Twitter.

Mary’s tweets have received nearly 20,000 retweets till now. It seems that her phrase “someone smart who think outside the box” has captured the attention of organization and they are interested in knowing how a youngster who has studied rocket science is capable of working in finance. According to EveningStandard, the young graduate took the idea from David Casarez who received almost 200 job offers for doing a similar thing in Silicon Valley.

Response He Received from Job Givers

Mohamed’s idea was successful as after his case went viral on social media he received interview calls from many top organizations. The guy has to appear in three interviews next week. He was also approached with executives of many job organizations and received the useful pieces of advice too.

On Connection of Space Engineering with Financial Sector

It is interesting to note that despite possessing two degrees in rocket science Elbarkey is looking to make a career in finance, something which is making organizations curious about his skills. Well, there is no doubt that innovation in science and technology has much to do with the growth of the economy and also the financial sector. Whether Elon Musk launches a Falcon Heavy or Jeff Bezoz goes for a deal to acquires Whole Foods, the actions of bother tech-firms which have a direct or indirect impact on the financial sector. Speaking to Evening Standard, Mohamed also talked about the connection of his field of study with the field of finance.

It is not clear why he didn’t get a job till now. Whether it was the reason for him being a refugee graduate or looking for a job that didn’t match his area of study, or it was something else.

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