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Remembering Inspirational Pakistani Women on Woman’s Day

The list of most inspirational Pakistani women changes from one person to another. But, before we just to our list of most inspirational Pakistani women, let us have a look at why we celebrate woman’s day.

First International Women’s Day

The international women’s day celebrates the struggle for women’s rights.

The first time, international women’s day was celebrated on February 28th, 1909 in New York. However, the international women’s day coincides by a demonstration of women textile workers held on 8th March 1917, which also marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution.

This famous march by the Russian women textile workers resulted in the abdication of then Emperor of Russia, Nicholas. The provisional government that replaced Nicholas granted women the right to vote.

Denial of Women’s Basic rights in Pakistan

When it comes to women, Pakistan is considered a country still living in the dark ages. Pakistani society denies any of the fundamental rights of women. Several cases of Pakistani women showcase the struggles that they have to go through in their daily ordeal to survive the atrocities committed by a male dominated society.

There are many social issues faced by Pakistani women, typically the ones living in the rural areas. Among these problems, some of the most urgent ones include Child Marriage, Watta Satta, Dowry, Honor Killings, Marriage to Quran, and Purdah (varying with the cultural values of the family).

Despite the economic hardships faced by families, women are mostly restricted to the home, not allowed to go outside and give a helping hand to the male members of the family. There are several stereotypes which further depress women’s rights.

The famous Pakistani culture considers women less intelligent when compared to men. They are only expected to raise kids, remain obedient to male members of the family, and must be subservient to the family’s needs, regardless of their passions for life, career, and financial growth.

Inspirational Pakistani Women Show the Brighter Smiling Picture of Life

Despite the challenges, financial difficulties, social struggles and hardships, Pakistani women still brave through all these ordeals to become active members of the society. has created its list of most inspirational Pakistani women who have motivated or empowered other women to achieve their goals or helped the community in one way or the other.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala YousafzaiMalala Yousafzai, who won many accolades for her humanitarian efforts including the Nobel Peace Prize, braved through the oppressive Taliban rule in Swat to go to school, when the regime had banned girls from attending school.

Malala Yousafzai survived a gun attack on her life back in 2012. She inspired girls all around the world to go to school and get an education.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Sharmeen Obaid-ChinoySharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a famous filmmaker from Pakistan. She has received Academy Award, Hilal-i-Imtiaz, and Emmy. She produced many films during her career.

She became famous for the documentary “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness.” The story of the movie revolves around a woman who survived an honor killing attempt by her father and uncle. The film clearly shows the ills of honor killing and why we need to get rid of it as a progressive and forward-looking society.

Roshaneh Zafar

Roshaneh ZafarRoshaneh Zafar spearheads the Kashf Foundation as Founder and MD. Roshaneh Zafar, with the help of her husband, has used her organization to empower many women by providing them with financial assistance. She has economically enabled women to improve their circumstances, a significant step towards poverty alleviation. This economic change has resulted in giving women a socially enabling environment to enhance their quality of life while successfully contributing towards country’s economic development.

Sayeeda Warsi

Sayeeda WarsiSayeeda Warsi became the first Muslim to attend the Cabinet of the British Parliament. She is British politician of Pakistani origin. She has successfully served in David Cameroon’s cabinet. She has inspired many Pakistani women in the UK to achieve higher in their lives. Sayeeda Warsi is a prime example of exhibiting professional excellence and accomplishing bigger milestones in life.

Muniba Mazari

Muniba MazariMuniba Mazari is a talented Pakistani artist, writer, and motivational speaker. She is the epitome of success because of her drive, motivation, and a very positive attitude towards life. Muniba Mazari inspires Pakistani women with physical difficulties to overcome the challenges faced by them to achieve higher aims in life.

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