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Remembering Michael Jackson- The King of Pop

It’s been ten years since the king of pop Michael Jackson parted ways with us and left behind a never dying legacy that will shine through the ages. To show their love for the king of pop fans from all around the world have taken to social media in his remembrance.

 Michael Jackson Was Nothing Short Of A Super Star

Michael Jackson was a star like no other. His ability to connect with fans on a personal and emotional level made others shower him with unconditional love. He would always strive to become the best of what he could be. Even after ten years of his passing his absence is still felt.

To his fans, he was the ultimate entertainer and performer of the purest form who nobody can match. He would often say in a world full of despair; one should dare to hope and spread as much love as he possibly can to make this world a better place. Looking at the current conditions, fans are wishing he was here because a little bit of him is what everyone needs.

Singer Turned Activist

Like Nipsey Hussle he Michael too was singer turned activist who used his fame and fortune to improve the lives of others. Having a troubled childhood himself, he often spoke about child rights and how little thing can sometimes make the biggest impact on a person’s life.

Had The Largest Concert Ever

Till date, Michael concerts are the largest concerts to have occurred. Fans from all around the world would come to his concerts. Special precautions had to be taken to prevent any miss hap from occurring as the venue would be jam-packed with fans screaming and shouting on the top of their voice. According to security, personal fans would often faint or fall as a result of fatigue, and they would have to rescue them from being trampled.

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