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Resham Faces Backlash for Polluting Water with Plastic

A video of Pakistani actress Resham feeding the aquatic life has gone viral on social media. The star can be seen throwing scraps of food into the water along with the plastic bag. Viewers have condemned this action by a veteran actor of this country. The action of the actress, who wanted to show her benevolence by feeding the fish, got backfired. By disposing of the plastic wrapper in the water, she posed a risk to the lives of the same aquatic creatures she was trying to feed.

Netizens Call out Resham for Killing the Fish

Resham was widely criticized for her tone-deaf behaviour. Several commentators said her over-enthusiasm for getting some kind of attention could prove detrimental to the poor creatures in the water. Critics questioned her knowledge of protecting the environment. A person who can throw a non-biodegradable material so carelessly in the water can be capable of doing disastrous things to planet Earth. Many opined that she was probably more focused on acting as a philanthropist hence she showed no regard for recycling plastic properly.

Long Way from Understanding Climate Emergency

Some used this reckless behaviour by Resham as an example to show how humans would never understand nature and the environment. Any edible thing humans throw in the water is registered as waste. Whether it is bread or meat, it is not on the fish’s diet plan as nature ordained. The fish eats algae, thus controlling its growth. When fish eat human food, they may stop eating algae, which can then grow rapidly and eventually kill the coral.

Moreover, a plastic bag that the actress threw in the water can take up to 500 years to decompose. According to WWF-Pakistan, an estimated 8 million tons of plastic litter the oceans each year. Plastic makes up 65% of the total waste in Pakistan. The organization expects that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Philanthropic Efforts

Resham actively showcases her philanthropic work on social media. Recently, she visited areas affected by devastating floods and distributed food to the needy. There are also several videos of her cooking food for charity on YouTube. On the eve of Muharram, she cooked Haleem and gave it to the poor people.

Resham also sent a truckload of food relief during the 2010 floods. In 2011, she distributed money among struggling artists, dancers, actors, and technicians at Bari Studio in Lahore. She once told the media how she felt it was her social responsibility to help needy people with her own money rather than asking others for aid.

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