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What are the Responsibilities of a Ship Captain

No profession seems to be an ultimate emblem of leadership as being a ship captain. The fact manifests itself so well in the famous Walt Whitman poem “O Captain! My Captain” which is a tribute to the American President Abraham Lincoln.

Many youngsters aspire to be a captain. In fact, they dream to be a leader who directs the crew members and rules a ship which is if it is a small state in the sea. It doesn’t matter whether the captain has a yacht to control or a large vessel, in both cases, his duties are equally crucial for his absolute positions.

Responsibilities of a Ship Captain

Becoming a ship captain is indeed tricky but not as severe as navy seal training. The challenging duties of this profession demand a person to possess strong nerves and ability to stay composed during any grim situation.

Let’s have a look at the duties which a captain of the ship is bound to perform.

Taking Care of the Ship’s Operation

A captain of the ship is in charge of the vessel. He has to take care of operations and ensure the safety of passengers, crew members along with supervising the loading and off-loading process. In term of activities, duties of a ship captain require him to be a manager who is responsible for monitoring the performance of staff, assigning tasks to crew members and listening to their complaints. Many times, captain of the ship indulges in hiring and firing process.

Helping in Technical Maintenance of Ship

Ship Captain has to ensure the technical maintenance of a vessel. This part is a bit tough as it doesn’t call for the leadership skill but also requires technical knowledge. Therefore, it is essential for the candidates to pass through a marine academy or enroll in the courses to learn the necessary things. Shipmen who are licensed and have a considerable duration on the ship can also qualify if they know the technical aspects of the maintenance of vessels.

Legal Responsibilities of the Ship Captain

Apart from managing the operations and staff and ensuring the technical upkeep of its vessel, a captain of the ship has to comply with the protocols and obey the relevant laws for operating the vessel. Such duties of a ship captain are also because he is the highest ranking officer of the ship. Therefore, he is responsible for the conduct of his crew members. Other common legal compliances can include compliance with relevant environmental regulations to avoid pollution in the sea, and record keeping to ensure transparency in the financial matter.

Briefly, duties of the ship captain are diverse as he has to manage everything from operations to the technical maintenance and compliance with regulations.

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