Here Are Things You Should Do For Reversing Climate Change

Reversing Climate Change

The citizens of the world are waking up to the ruthless rise in temperature and global warming which is jeopardizing the future of Earth and human beings. People are quickly realizing that there is no planet B and they need to preserve Earth’s inhabitable climate by reversing climate change if they are concerned about the survival of the human race.

In order to save the future of this planet, the one simple thing you can do is to act upon the recommendation of the United Nations Climate Change report and play our part in lowering the world temperature at least by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Playing Your Role in Reversing Climate Change

You may think that the ultimate reason for the rising world temperatures is capitalism and corporate greed which is true up to a certain extent. But it all boils down to the individual preferences which if changed can make corporates adopt an alternate course of making a profit which can be sustainable enough after being powered by the human conscious. Even if the alternative of rapid industrialization comes at the cost of slow economic growth it shouldn’t be a big deal for it will not be worst than the extinction of the human race on this planet. Perhaps, this is the reason why people are gathering for a global climate strike.

The citizens of this world who really care about the planet’s health can adopt the following actions in their individual capacity in order to minimize the impact of climate change.

Plant As Many Trees As You Can

Everyone knows that trees are the natural cleaners of the environment as they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. The life on Earth is possible not only because of water but also because of trees. Therefore make sure to plant trees on every single patch of land where the plantation is possible. The process of reversing climate change is impossible without restoring the forest cover of Earth.

Raise Your Voice Against Deforestation

You don’t really need to become a climate change activist or an environmentalist to become vocal against corporates and individuals that ruthlessly cut trees for their economic gains. The strive is equal to your struggle for earning a livelihood. Keep an eye on culprits who ruthlessly cut trees and affect the lungs of Earth. Don’t invest in real estate projects that come at the cost of forests.

Be A Conscious Consumer

Keep a check on the supply chain and value chain of the products you are consuming. Be aware of the resource and raw material of the end goods at your disposal. For instance, boycott the clothing, shoe or accessories brands that use leather or material from trees. Check if the brand is conscious of its environmental impact or not. For this purpose you can look at annual reports, location of the company’s manufacturing plant and the impact of its operation on surroundings.

For example, if the factory doesn’t have a water treatment plant and trees or it is located in a populated area then it has no regard for the environment and hence using its product makes you an equal culprit in exploiting the natural resources.

Use Renewable and Recycled Products

Trach management is a major issue that the world is facing today. The one solution to this problem is to start consuming less and using the products which are recyclable and don’t need to be disposed of. First of all, don’t use products made of plastic as it is so difficult to deal with plastic waste. Secondly, look for businesses that offer recycled goods. Keep in mind that there is no shame in using the products which are made up of already used material.

Use Renewable Energy

Install solar panels in your office and home if your power source comes from coal-powered thermal plants. The Burning of fossil fuels is the major reason for environment pollution and rising world temperatures.

Use Public Transport

Using private cars for transportation may seem a good idea but it is not environment-friendly as it not only causes traffic jams but also adds to the carbon dioxide emissions. So to reduce the carbon footprint prioritize using public transport.

Walk Your Way

If you think that distance to your workplace, educational institute or nearby market is not worth a carbon powered vehicle then consider walking your way. It will not only keep you fit but also allow you an opportunity to interact with your surroundings in a better way which is also a healthy activity.

Stop Using Plastic Bags

Use biodegradable bags or those made-up of clothes for trips to the grocery stores. Plastic bags can be long-lasting but the price for them is paid in the form of compromise on the environment in the long run which is not affordable for human beings.

Spread Awareness among Others

You may think that your individual action may not prove much effective as reversing climate change requires collective action; true. This shouldn’t stop you from scrutinizing yourself and monitoring your own actions. Spread the word, talk about it with your peers and play your role in making the folks aware of the harms of climate change and how their individual acts can reverse it.

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