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Reunion of Brothers in Kartarpur Makes Indo-Pak Emotional

Two brothers who were separated during the 1947 partition between Indian and Pakistan recently reunited at the Kartarpur corridor. Siddique from Faisalabad, Pakistan and Habib from Phullanwal, India, embraced each other after 74 years and burst into tears. The video went viral on social media in which a group of people was bringing both brothers to meet each other. It was emotional for many people due to many reasons. The scars of the bloody partition still linger among both nations. Stories like this reunion of brothers also give a little hope for the reunion of both countries someday.

Indo-Pak Reacts at Reunion of Brothers in Kartarpur

Users from both countries shed tears as they saw the brothers meet for the first since partition. They wondered what stopped this reunion of brothers from happening sooner as many issues forced separated families to stay apart, like visa and financial difficulties. However, these two reportedly thought that the other was probably dead, which made the reunion further dramatic. The video also brought like-minded Indians and Pakistanis to share the pain of separation.

Many highlighted the flaws of the two-nation theory that amplified hate among Hindus and Muslims. Even after separating, both nations have passionately pursued hate and war against each other. Netizens wished if there were no borders or the governments of both countries could have stayed friends and allowed the citizens to see their loved ones across the border.

The Beacon of Hope

After seeing his younger brother alive, Habib praised the Kartarpur initiative for allowing the reunion of brothers. He expressed hope that this Gurdwara would also help other separated families reunite. The brothers also decided to continue meeting each other via the Kartarpur corridor.

Social media users praised the decision of the Pakistani government to reopen the corridor so that Sikhs from across the border can visit the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur.

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