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Pop Star Rihanna Raises Her Voice for Protesting Indian Farmers

Internationally famous pop star Rihanna has used her Twitter influence to bring the world’s attention to the plight of protesting Indian farmers. Diamonds singer who has over 100 million followers on Twitter, shared CNN news about the Modi government cutting internet services in Dehli where protesting Indian farmers are raising their voice against the agricultural laws. In the tweet’s caption, she raised the question of why they were not talking about this (Modi government’s treatment of the farmers).

Rihanna also tweeted in support of the people of Myanmar where the military has taken over the government.

Not only Rihanna but Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has also shown her support for Indian farmers.

Response to Rihanna’s Support for Protesting Indian Farmers

Those who support the stance of protesting Indian farmers and stand by them welcomed Rihanna’s response. However, the supporters of the Modi regime didn’t like that singer was being vocal against the Indian government’s brutal treatment of farmers. Kangana Ranaut, the Bollywood actor famous for being the mouthpiece of the ruling Indian party BJP (Bhartia Janta Party responded to Rihanna by accusing farmers of terrorism and dividing the nation.


Kangana’s remarks didn’t go well with protesting Indian farmers and their supporters since they were there to voice their concerns over agricultural laws that didn’t seem to serve their concerns. Indian farmers who also constitute the Sikh community from Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pardesh are accused by the Modi government of promoting the agenda for Khalistan (separate land for Sikhs).

Now when Kangana has tried to malign the cause of Indian farmers by calling them terrorists, people are demanding Twitter to ban the the account of actress.

More people from different walks of life were coming up to school Kangana for her hate-mongering.

The Suffering of Indian Farmers

The protesting Indian farmers who have not yet reached any negotiations with the Modi government over agricultural laws are now facing repression by the Indian states. The government is now barricading the Punjab/Dehli border with concrete walls from taxpayer’s money and deploying military as if farmers are some kind of attackers and not the ordinary citizens demanding their rights. Apart from these measures the Indian government has also cut the internet services for the protesting Indian farmers in the suburbs of Dehli in what seems like an attempt to shun their voices. The way the BJP government is tackling the issue of farmers shows that fascism rules in the country which is believed to be the world’s biggest democracy.

The agricultural laws that the Modi government passed in September 2019 have mixed opinions from experts. The supporters think that they will free the farmers from dependence on the middleman. But opponents think that these laws will benefit the big land-owners and corporations and cause loss to the small farmers who will have to sell their produce at low prices.

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