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Rishi Kapoor Uses Imran Khan’s Victory Speech For His Film’s Promotion

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has addressed the nation first time after General Elections 2018. In his press conference, he has shared in brief how his party intends to transform the country and set it on the road to development by making it a welfare state. Many people from Pakistan and across the border praised Imran Khan’s victory speech that was focused on how to change the lives of ordinary Pakistanis and work on human development.

Rishi Kapoor on Imran Khan’s Victory Speech

Veteran Indian actor Rishi Kapoor praised Imran Khan’s victory speech in a bid to promote his upcoming film Mulk.

Here is an overview of what Khan vowed to the nation in his very humble victory speech.

Imran Khan Promises to Work on Human Development

It would be fair to say that poor and underprivileged people of Pakistan were the subject of Imran Khan’s victory speech. Khan talked about 25 million Pakistani children who were out of schools and couldn’t get the education. He pledged to improve the poor state of health and education and work on human development.

He talked about making Pakistan an Islamic Welfare on the model of the state of Madina. According to Khan, that model led to a glorious Islamic civilization that ruled the world for the next 700 years.

Rule of Law And Good Governance

Imran Khan’s victory speech also focused on bringing good governance in the country by making institutions stronger and prevailing law and order. He promised the people that everyone irrespective of the rank will be accountable.

Bringing the Tax Reforms

Imran Khan lamented on the economic crisis that Pakistan is going through. He highlighted the facts about the poor state of budget deficit and a fiscal deficit that was due to weaker institutions and corruption. He ensured to bring tax reforms and called himself and government as caretaker of taxpayer’s money.

While talking about the tax reforms he promised to ease the cost of doing business and promote the small businesses. He also pledged to bring the changes that will encourage overseas Pakistanis to make investments in the country. Khan acknowledged the fact how much youth was suffering due to unemployment. So, he shared his concerns about the need to bring the mechanism that could make the youth more skillful and more useful for contributing to the country’s economy.

Using Government Buildings For Public Use

Another crucial point of Imran Khan’s victory speech was that he promised to utilize the palace like prime minister house and governor houses for the public use. He shared the idea of converting these buildings into public places, or some hotels to make money from them in public interest. For an alternative PM house, he talked about using some other residence which would be sufficient for him.

No Political Victimization

In a surprising move, Imran Khan told the nation that he doesn’t want to take revenge from opponents or doesn’t want their political victimization. He also told that he would help investigate rigging if there are any claims of it.

On Foreign Policy

Khan also seemed clear about his stance on foreign policy. He emphasized the significance of peaceful relations with neighbors in term of nation-building. He stressed the need to promote ties with China and to use them for economic prosperity.

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