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What Led to Rising of UK Acid Attacks?

There is a sharp increase in the UK acid attacks. The latest of the UK acid attacks in London had affected five more individuals. Five people got sprayed with the corrosive liquid. Similarly, an unfortunate incident took place last month impacting Jameel Mukhtar and Resham Khan. The UK acid attacks sometimes result in life altering injuries.

UK Acid Attacks During Last Few Years

Around 200 UK acid attacks took place in the year 2012-13. However, every year since then they keep on increasing in numbers. There were around 250 attacks in the year 2013-14-. Similarly, there around 290 attacks in 2014-15. The numbers increased to around over 450 in 2015-16, and have reached an epic proportion, over 500 this year.

The Data on UK Acid Attacks

The data collected by police shows that men are twice as likely to face acid attacks than women. A lot of times the attacks take place because the attacks recognize persons belonging to a rival gang. Among changing gang culture, the throwing of acid has started becoming a natural choice. The criminologists believe that throwing of acids is an attempt to dictate authority and dominance over an area.

The Difference of Charges

What Led to Rising of UK Acid AttacksThere is a difference of charges between an attack with the knife and with that of acid. The UK acid throwing gangs want to use acid as it results in lesser serious criminal charges against them. If they choose to use a knife, they get more prison time as a result.

Ease of Committing the Crime with No Traces

The gangs behind the UK acid attacks know that there is no offense for throwing acid onto someone. Similarly, it is easier to attack someone by using acid instead of a knife. Similarly, there are no DNA traces to discover the person behind the assault, like in the case of a knife attack.

Furthermore, the increase in knife attacks has resulted in making it difficult to get one of a shop. But, in the case of acid, teenagers can buy that relatively quickly. The law makers argue that the punishment of the UK acid attacks should be brought equal to that of a knife attack. Also, the authorities in the UK believe that an education program will also help the potential acid attackers realize the consequences of the victims.

Among other steps, the authorities also aim to make it mandatory for the vendors not to sell the acid to young individuals. Similarly, the regulation of the volume of acid that can be sold can also have an impact on reducing the UK acid attacks.

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