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Robbers in Karachi Go Viral for Returning Stolen Items to Delivery Boy

On 16th June, a CCTV footage went viral; the video showed a delivery boy getting caught by robbers in Karachi. The boy was rushing to his bike when two men on another bike stopped right in front of him and tried to take his valuables. The boy begged and cried for his belongings when the shocking turn of events occurred.

It appeared that the robbers had returned the stolen belongings after some discussion. They even hugged the delivery boy who was probably scared to death about both his life and his job.

People Lauded The Robbers In Karachi

Those who viewed video appreciated the kind-hearted act by robbers. One twitter user replied to the video that the robbers must have had consciousness which allowed them to see past their personal problems and admit that they were doing wrong.

During the pandemic, if humanity has fallen somewhere, it is rising elsewhere. Recently one cop adopted a special child which was abandoned by his parents. This time it was robbers who have displayed a tremendous show of humanity. One user said that it might be better to be a thief than being inconsiderate.

Comparing Robbers With Pakistani Politicians

People suggest that the parliament members must learn something from those thieves in Karachi. If thieves can return the stolen valuables, then why politicians keep on looting without remorse and without giving back to the people? 

They have praised these robbers more than the most privileged and protected politicians of Pakistan. They feel that politicians are more ruthless looters and are unable to show similar compassion as these street robbers did.

So there were more comparisons of robbers in Karachi with corrupt political elite that doesn’t seem to have any empathy while committing the big crimes.

Why Were Robbers So Generous?

There was no reason for robbers to return the items or console the scared boy but still they felt like doing it. They might have realized that the boy was also poor and helpless like them but he was working hard and they were just leeching off of his hard work.

This story shows how society pushes people to choose the wrong path even if they are not eternally evil mental; they become disturbed due to increasing poverty, corruption, inflation, and lack of education. They can take any action while under this mental depression.

One user shared an urdu proverb to explain this phenomenon. It says that the rich, privileged and asleep Pakistani are mostly aware of eating the bread but in the poor parts of the country, the bread eats the person. Poor people sometimes need to sacrifice a lot in order to satisfy their hunger.

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