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Batman Shooting Gets Paused as Robert Pattinson Tests COVID Positive

The shooting of new batman movie that recently started after being suspended in lockdown due to corona virus is postponed, as the leading actor of the movie tests positive for covid-19. The plague took over one of the most popular actors of the Hollywood industry “Robert Pattinson”. The new discovery about the movie star is depressing.

Robert Pattinson Testing Positive for COVID 19

According to recent US media reports, Warner Bros confirmed that the filming of the new Batman movie was no longer in the process because the main star/actor of the movie was currently in isolation in order to recover from COVID-19. As the media reports state, two members of the Batman production allegedly mentioned that a member from the cast was in isolation because of being tested positive for coronavirus. The discovery of Robert’s infection has caused a delay in the release of new Batman movies.

With this, Robert Pattinson has joined the list of celebrities infected with coronavirus.

Batman Getting Postponed

The news came into exposure when two members of the production supposedly revealed the truth of postponing the movie: according to them, one of the starts was having health problems and had isolated himself. The actor turned out to be the leading start Robert Pattinson of the new unreleased Batman movie who tested positive for coronavirus. Media reports infer that on Thursday, Sept 3; Warner Bros confirmed that the member of the cast who got infected was none other than the leading actor Robert Pattinson. The shooting was already delayed due to the lockdown and it just began after the lockdown was lifted. According to the director Matt Reeves, the shooting was only 25% completed and now it has stopped again.

Fans Concerned about New Batman’s Health

The general public and fans are still wondering if the news is correct or not, some are asserting that the news might be false while many are concerned about the health of Robert Pattinson. All in all, they want the movie to be continued as soon as possible. Just a few days back Batman trailer of the halfway movie was released and it had received a welcoming response.

Some public figures are using satire while addressing Robert Pattinson’s current situation in order to explain the seriousness of the virus. According to such personalities, it is very unlikely for everyone to escape from the virus if the “Bats can get infected too” (pun intended).

Apart from fun and puns being posted in relation to the current situation of Robert Pattinson Covid-19 positive result, many of the people are actually concerned about the coronavirus condition and the people it has infected; especially our young new batman. They are advising others to stay careful as the virus is still in charge and people are yet getting infected whether they are actors or anyone else. It will be highly convenient if we take precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe.

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