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Saudi Arabia Citizenship Given to a Robot

Saudi Arabia citizenship is just given to a woman robot. Saudi Arabia becomes the first country in the world to award citizenship to a robot. Despite what the human rights activists say about the women rights in the country, the woman robot just becomes lucky.

Sophia Got Saudi Arabia Citizenship

The robot named Sophia got the Saudi Arabia Citizenship. Impressive, the robot came onto the stage wearing an Abaya. It was having its head covered with a cloak dressing as required by the women in the country.

So was Sophia happy about getting its Saudi Arabia citizenship?

Yes, apparently, here is how it described the achievement.

The robot Sophia said that it was happy to get that unique distinction. Furthermore, it added that it is a historic achievement to become the first robot to citizenship like this.

Company Behind the Robot’s Saudi Citizenship

The organization behind this initiative named Future Investment Initiative held its summit in Riyadh. Besides the investment company, the robot makers Hanson Robotics were jubilant over creating a beautiful robot. The use of human-like elements like slender shape nose, porcelain skin, and a welcoming smile give Sophia a unique characteristic.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) currently has assets of over $200 billion. It has also invested hugely in Uber cab hailing application. The increasing interest of the fund in the new technology is evident by this massive investment.

Saudi Arabia Citizenship Given to a RobotStrict Laws

The country has some of the most stringent laws anywhere in the world. Some of the recent changes in country’s rules suggest that it is trying to move away from its conservative country image. The allowing of women to drive in Saudi Arabia is one crucial step in the right direction.

However, women still have to be accompanied by a male family member when going outside. Furthermore, only last month the country did allow its citizens to use internet phone services like WhatsApp and Skype.

Legal Status of Sophia’s Saudi Arabia Citizenship

Many wonder getting a citizenship to this country is next to impossible. Furthermore, they also argue that will the status of this nationality hold in the court ten years from now if someone challenges it. Does it raise an important question that other countries of the world would also give citizenships to artificial robots? Imagine poorer countries that need someone to make policies for them. Would poor and underdeveloped nations spend money to buy an artificially intelligent bot that can make decisions for them? Only time will give the answers to these questions that people are currently asking.

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