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Rome Colosseum Floor Gets Technological Makeover for Visitors

Italy’s number one tourist attraction, The Colosseum in Rome will be getting back its floor after 2000 years. The historical site just reopened to the public on 26th April 2021 after 41 days due to coronavirus. According to reports, a high-end project aims to restore the Rome colosseum floor for the visitors. Now the site will stay open for full 7 days a week, which has not happened in over a year.

However, tourists are limited to a total of 1,260 per day in groups of 14. Each group will visit after every 15 minutes of the other group.

The New Rome Colosseum Floor Provides the Gladiator’s Point of View

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said that it was an extraordinary project that will be like a gift for the returning visitors. According to the floor plans, the surface would be flexible with an ability to come on and off with a command.

Moreover, the new Rome colosseum floor will also be a nostalgic upgrade as the visitors can stand in the middle of the death stadium. The Culture Minister said that it would give people the same view of the site as it appeared to the gladiators when they ripped each other apart in front of a cheering crowd.

What Happened to the Colosseum’s Floor?

Rome Colosseum floor has come on and off multiple times in history. In AD 84, Emperor Domitian removed the floor to create an underground crypt of the arena. It included elevators, prison cells, and machinery inside, to which the next floor provided cover.

However, the floor was removed for good in the 19th century because archeologists could take a closer look at what was Romans building underneath. They never replaced the floor and left that labyrinth of corridors open for the pleasure of the tourists.

The visitors would only walk around the edges of the floor and look down in the horrifying chambers, where contestants awaited to kill each other for public entertainment.

When Will it be Completed?

A local engineering firm, Milan Ingegneria, won the contract to build the retractable floor. Reportedly, it is an 18.5 million Euro (22.2 million USD) contract for designing the new Rome colosseum floor. It has promised to complete the project by 2023.

The floor will be made up of hundreds of wooden planks that would have the ability to rotate in bringing natural light to the ruins below. The Colosseum would likely get all its glory back after the construction of the platform. Before coronavirus restrictions forced it to close the doors, the site received around 57 million visitors in 2019 alone.

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