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Royal Divorce Case Between Dubai Sheikh and Princess Haya Gets Interesting

UK family court ordered the Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to pay his estranged wife and children at least 554 million GBP to settle the royal divorce once and for all. It is the largest financial award ever seen in the history of British courts.

According to reports, the Sheikh divorced his wife without her knowledge in February 2019. He alleged that Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein was having an affair with their bodyguard. Princess Haya fled to Britain in April 2019 with her two kids while two others remained with Sheikh. Both have been fighting the legal battle over the custody of their children since. However, much has happened during the period of this case including 70 million USD in only legal fees.

Royal Divorce Case Settlement for Security

Justice Philip Moor said in a written statement that the Sheikh was the main threat to the Princess and the children. Adding that the huge settlement was partly as security for children to be safe from getting kidnapped by their father, and partly because of their royal status.

According to reports, the Dubai ruler orchestrated the abductions of his 2 daughters, Princess Latifa and Princess Shamsa, and also subjected his wife to “a campaign” of fear and intimidation. During the court proceedings, he reportedly used Israeli spyware, Pegasus by NSO Group to hack the phones of his wife and her 5 associates, including 2 lawyers. Moreover, his secret agents tried to buy a 30 million GBP property next to Princess Haya’s Berkshire home.

Describing her condition, Princess Haya said that she was “under siege” by the Sheikh with all the intrusive surveillance leaving her distressed all the time’. Justice Moor said that the Royal Divorce settlement would give Haya a “clean break” from the Sheikh. Referring to the situation she’s in, the judge added that the Princess would always be at risk of danger whether it’s from Sheikh or any “normal terrorist”.

Break Down of Sum

The court ordered the Sheikh to pay 251.5 million GBP to Princess Haya within 3 months to cover security and the cost of lost possessions like clothing and jewelry. The Sheikh must also pay 11 million GBP annually for the children’s education. It will be in a form of 290 million GBP bank security. The remaining millions are for backdated payments and learning grants. The sum also covers the cost of the fleet of armored cars that will be replaced each year.

Other than that, the Sheikh will also pay upkeep of his ex-wife’s mansions, security, travel, leisure, and also return her jewelry and couture which mysteriously disappeared in Dubai while she was gone.

The total cost of Royal Divorce at the end of the day is likely to be much higher because the Sheikh will also have to pay the annual security for his children directly after their education is complete.

The Royal Life Needs Royal Expense

The case has also revealed the details of how Middle-Eastern royals enjoy lavish expenditure. 

Princess Haya’s lawyers told the court that their client and her children had access to “limitless” financial resources before the Royal Divorce. Only the jewellery of Princess Haya was worth 20 million GBP. They had more than a dozen extravagant homes, a fleet of private jets, and a 400 million GBP yacht. Haya’s annual budget was around 83 million GBP for household with additional 9 million GBP for extra spending.

However, nothing was actually her’s which became a problem for her after her divorce. Princess Haya testified that she sold her jewelry and even took money from her daughter to pay off 6.7 million GBP ransom to 4 security staff members who blackmailed her over her affair with the bodyguard. She also sold 15.6 million GBP of assets including 10 million GBP worth of horses, to survive financially while the case was going on.

As part of the settlement, the court awarded her 5 million GBP annually for spending on vacations on private jets. Another annual payment of 300,000 GBP is for the upkeep of the family’s pet animals and a separate 39,000 GBP for installing 2 trampolines.

Settlement Justifies the Luxurious Life

Princess Haya said that she had been spoiled with gifts which she enjoyed very much at that time. She said depending on periodical payments would incredibly pressurize her family because they will be “living under the shadow of litigation”. Therefore, the court ordered the Sheikh to award 333 million GBP in lump-sum to her.

The judge also acknowledged that the life of this royal family was highly opulent, which made this case extraordinary. Therefore, a “reasonable conclusion” of Royal Divorce had to justify the remarkable style of living.

It must be noted that the Sheikh received global backlash after locking up his daughter for at least 3 years. Princess Latifa also shared a video from her captivity, detailing her father’s atrocities.

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