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Is Rumored and Humored Google Pixel 3 On It’s Way?

After iPhone X and Xmax got released, with all the exclusive features which Apple Inc claims that these both smartphones have, Google Android developers have also rolled up their sleeves and started working on their new smartphone Google Pixel 3.

There has been a rumor that this release is going to happen soon in the launch event. Google event which is going to be held on October 9th, 2018 is going to expose many surprises, and people have already started conspiring about it! So here is the most important stuff for you to know about this event.


Inside Google Pixel 3 Event

There are many amazing things which are expected in the ‘rumored’ launch of google pixel 3 in the event. According to the news sources, it was said that Google is going to drop the headphone jack in its new model. But this was already done in iPhone 7 and 8, and it turned out to be an epic fail! So why did Google even decide that? Anyhow! There are few leaked images by a Russian blogger who gave us the idea of this model, and it is going to have a complete glass back body. It means Google is going to recreate the fantastic glass concept in android smartphone also!

Introduction to the Latest Chromebook

Another Chromebook is also on its way according to the sources, named Pixelbook2! Now, this is going to be a fantastic invention for sure with the reduced bezels and 4K display! This device will also get introduced to the world in the event, according to the rumors!

Before this Pixelbook1 is an outstanding invention by Google as made by Google explains its significance.


Google Showed the Humorous Side While Shutting these Rumours!

Above were the rumors which were speculating by several sources. These rumors were depicting that Google is going to make Google Pixel 3 XL, but then a beautiful and Humourous post came out from the official Google account over Instagram. This picture changed the thought and mindset of the public in the most amazing way!



Why Not a Mini Google Pixel?

Yes, this is correct there are several sizes which will be introduced first time by this tech giant! This mini smartphone will have all that it is required for innovation such as fingerprint detector, dual camera and fantastic selfie cam with outclass android processor! So here you go terrific mini Google pixel 3 is already stealing hearts of its fans, and this event is undoubtedly going to bring more amazing surprises along with it on 9/11!


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