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This Rural Woman YouTuber Is Facing Deadly Threats for Her Channel

A woman from a rural area is facing threats over the success of her YouTube channel, Daily Routine. She revealed the situation in another YouTube video. While telling her story she was in tears and opined that she couldn’t understand what should be her next move so she made a video on this to share her sufferings.

According to her, the village mob was continuously harassing her and torturing her psychologically. They had criticized her for creating content on YouTube and singlehandedly earning livelihood for herself and her 5 kids.

Probably the Success of Rural Woman YouTuber Is Making People Jealous

As she stated that few people were not happy with the channel’s success by a woman YouTuber. in fact, it agitated them. Their own shortcomings haunted them which led them to needlessly bother Mukhtiar Bibi for being successful on YouTube.

The mob has threatened her about multiple situations to somehow throw her off the pedestal.

Those people have targeted the entire family of Mukhtiar Bibi and threatened to entrap them in a spiral of fabricated cases. She has urged the viewers to help her as she is a single mother and doesn’t know how to proceed with this.

What Does The Mob Want?

She just started this channel six months ago and its already facing trouble. As she claimed in the video that the mob has demanded to surrender her channel to them or give them cuts otherwise they will act on their threats. She is suffering from anxiety, sleep deprivation, and extreme terror. She mentioned that she has strictly restricted her son from going outside the house. The condition in her family is beyond normal and needs the urgent attention of some unusual hero.

Who Is Mukhtiar Bibi?

Mukhtar Bibi’s residence is located between Multan and Bahawalpur in Central Punjab. She started her career as a rural woman YouTuber with videos of cooking recipes and later on made vlogs on the daily routine of rural life. Her most famous videos include cooking, tour of house, showing work of rural life, celebrating different festivals, and many more. One of earlier videos shows her sons and her cooking food for viewers.

Her eldest son helped her set up a channel. He was already interested in the spoils of YouTube and knew a little about digital marketing. She said that she had no idea that her channel would be so popular in less than a year. She has gained 185000 subscribers by now. She had a cake party (which she made herself) with her family when she reached 100,000 subscribers in just 2 months.

She revealed in other videos that because of her viewers she can monthly earn 60 to 70,000 PKR which were enough for her to manage household and pay for the education of her kids.

She has also helped other YouTubers to gain fame by promoting them through her channel. She hopes to achieve more success with the help of viewers but someone seriously needs to educate those sick-minded individuals who are harassing Mukhtiar Bibi.

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