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What Is US Response to Russian Vaccine for COVID?

President Vladimir Putin announced on 11th August that Russia has developed the first ever coronavirus vaccine that offers sustainable immunity. There were more than 150 countries trying to develop a potential candidate when Russian vaccine for COVID 19 silently jumped the queue. This was concerning for everyone due to obvious rushed nature of the vaccine and skipping the phase 3 i.e. testing on a large scale.

Gamaleya Research Institute of Moscow developed the vaccine within two months of human testing. Russia’s health ministry has approved the vaccine for global use after testing it on one of Putin’s daughters. The President boasted about the scientific prowess of the transcontinental country which helped it to breakthrough with this development.

Russian Vaccine for COVID 19 and US Reaction

Reportedly US President Donald Trump has no controversial remarks over this development. In fact, he fully supported the idea of commercializing the said vaccine so the whole thing has become controversial for the critics of the US as well as Russian President.


Many people are skeptical of the vaccine being pushed by Russia. They mentioned that it could be a political controversy fueled by the affiliation between Putin and Trump to gain advantage in the US elections race. Many leftists believe that POTUS has illegitimate relationships with Russian entities.

Russian vaccine for COVID will be called Sputnik-V, which is a tribute to Soviet Union launching the first satellite named Sputnik-1 in 1957. The literal meaning of the word is fellow-traveler but became synonymous with satellite in the country.

Some people were hailing Putin as the ultimate hero who was going to save the world by bringing the Russian vaccine for COVID.


While others want everyone to be careful and take Putin’s admiration as a show of neo-fascism that evolved during the 20th century. Countries can do anything to claim ultra national superiority over other nations. 

For those who want to see how the Russian vaccine for covid looks like

The world also cannot wait to see the response of experts who claimed that coronavirus vaccine could take years before it’s safe to use.

A large part of the world was not convinced by the Russian endorsement of COVID vaccine. It is believed that it could be any unsafe substance hidden in the cure. The reports of alleged war crimes, espionage, and extortion are synonymous with Russia throughout history.

When Will It Be Launched?

A website is already up containing further details about the vaccine. Reportedly, the mass production is about to start and 20 countries including Brazil, Philippines, India, and Mexico have expressed interest in purchasing it.

A Review by WHO

In order for people to be less brutal towards Russia, its vaccine would require a seal of approval by WHO. The health authority was responsible for assessing the required safety and efficacy data before qualifying a potential vaccine. However, it wasn’t able to evaluate the data due to a lack of information from Russia.

Without the complete information, it is impossible for expert scientists to make final judgement about this vaccine. Moreover, the US, Canada, and UK have accused Russia of stealing Covid related information in the past. 

No matter how much this vaccine is propagated, it is clear that currently, it offers no protection against coronavirus until experts from throughout the world endorse it after verifying its effectiveness with the help of data.

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