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Bhumi And Taapsee Look Awesome In Saand Ki Aankh

Man!! Bhumi and Taapsee look fantastic in the trailer of the movie Saand Ki Aankh. Fans can’t get enough of it.

What Is this Saand Ki Aankh All About?

The movie is inspired by the real-life of two old-aged sisters-in-law named India Chandroo Toma and her sister in law Prakash Tomar who despite their old age went on to become the best shooters in India. They have won many competitions and medals on the state and national level.

According to the trailer two sisters-in-law played by Bhumi Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu go about their normal lives in a village in Uttar Pradesh.When one of their grandchildren expresses her desire to learn how to shoot.

Now conventionally shooting is considered a masculine sport and not feminine sport, so women are discouraged or even barred from learning how to shoot. Despite this resistance and discouragement, one of the grandmothers takes her grandchild for shooting practice.

After watching her grandchild shoot for 2-3 day, one of the grandmothers picks up the gun and ends up shooting a bull’s eye. The coach training her grandchild is so impressed that he offers to train her too, which she accepts. About 15 days later she is joined by her sister in law who too manage to hit a bull’s eye on her first attempt.

From that point on, both the grandmother’s train and carry out their day to day obligations. Soon both the grandmothers compete in various competition and win recognition.

The film will be released on 25 October 2019

Reactions to Saand Ki Aankh Trailer

Fans watching the film are excited and are looking forward to the release of the film.

 Despite being awesome actors for some Vineet Kumar who is playing the coach’s role in the film is the shining star as compared to Taapsee and Bhumi.

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