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What Saba Qamar And Bilal Saeed Are Planning Together?

Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed kindled some excitement and curiosity among their Pakistani fans with a picture together captioned Qubool hai by the actress.

Now because of this term “Qubool” people instantly assumed that both artists have been married. There was no prior announcement or any news about the relationship between the two. Bilal Saeed also posted multiple pictures of himself with Saba Qamar on Instagram.

Many people took to Twitter to find out what was going on between the two. Was it some kind of project or did both of them surprised everyone by marrying discreetly?

Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed Confused The Fans

The first impression of these pictures among Pakistani fans was marriage. The mystified fans were sharing their excitement on twitter without knowing the whole story behind the whole “Qubool hai” sensation

They could not believe their eyes as the couple would have normally hinted at a potential relationship before signing the agreement. But it is quite normal for celebrities to marry inconspicuously and then announce later so the public confusion is understandable.

While some fans were digging in to find the truth, other considered it another anomaly of the year 2020 and prayed for mercy. A fan’s heart is crushed when their darling is betrothed to someone else.

As much as they were excited about the connection with two huge superstars, the possibility of a prank is always there. Celebrities can pull off harmless pranks for marketing purposes which is acceptable for the sake of business. This concept led some users to realize that it could be an advertisement for their upcoming project together

Some were advising other users to practice silent contemplation for those who fell for the prank

The Moment Of Truth

Everything became clear after Bilal Saeed shared the complete details about the situation. It turned out that he is producing new song which is being directed by Saba Qamar. The news which is exciting for Saba’s fans is that she is working as a director for the first time.

Her experience in making videos for her YouTube channel would come in handy with this aspiration. She also revealed how she survived an abusive relationship for 8 years through her YouTube channel.

It was important to let everyone know about the real story because some journalists also could not see beyond the prank

Bilal Saeed is already married to Gia Bilal and has a son named Ahad Bilal.

Details Of The Upcoming Song

It appears that the song is based on the theme of marriage is written, composed, and produced by Bilal Saeed. It will be presented by One Two Records which is behind almost all Bilal Saeed songs. Saba Qamar will direct the video of the song which will feature both of them as main performers.

The song is set to be released soon without the disclosure of exact date. Wardrobe for both artists is designed by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha.

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