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Saba Qamar vs. Ali Sethi- Who Responds Better to Trolls?

Saba Qamar is one of the top female actors in Pakistan, known for many hit TV series like Digest Writer, Thakan, Besharam, Cheekh, and Baaghi. Her work in the film industry is also appreciated by the masses.

Recently, she appeared in a live session on instagram to connect with fans and spend joyful time during lockdown. During the session, she revealed what she thought of those who use bad words For which Ali Sethi had to pull off a Khadim Hussain Rizvi.

What Saba Qamar Thinks Of Those Who Call Artists with Derogatory Words?

In this video, Saba Qamar is explaining to a fellow actor, Imran Abbas about what she thinks about the trolls who use bad words with her.

Instead of coming up with a harsh come back as Ali Sethi did (actor didn’t mention Sethi’s incident), she actually deals them in a polite manner and does not take their insult to heart. She means that people should appreciate the artists who give them so many feelings and entertain them instead of using derogatory words for them.

The way she handles all her trolls renders the whole purpose of trolling irrelevant. Whereas Ali Sethi gets trolled successfully by engaging in a conflict, just like he was trolled for not producing originals. This way the trolling wins which means that the negativity also wins.

She Believes In Spreading Positive Energy

The responses of Saba Qamar seem graceful than Ali Sethi’s response and it gives way to positivity. She apparently thinks that remaining cool while dealing with haters is better for herself.

It seems that actress does not want to waste energy on conflicts. She makes use of her time in meaningful activities. Saba had also shared some tips for staying busy during coronavirus lockdown

Dealing With Haters Is Part Of Her Life

Being famous comes with a cost and Saba Qamar realizes that a part of that that cost has to be paid in the form of facing trolls. One reason why Qamar’s response is more calim and composed is because she has spent more than a decade in industry. In fact, she’s been facing all this for so long that it doesn’t bother her much to feel what others say. Contrary to this, Ali’s experience with these trolls might be a bit new

She also seems much focused on her work which is evident from her epic performance even in controversial characters in Baaghi that bagged her  2018 Lux Style Award for Best TV Actor (Female) and Best TV Show.

Well Saba Qamar and Ali Sethi’s response are two different tales. One can’t say who won but it is obvious that showing a damn care attitude and not really bothering about trolls can at least help people remain positive and focused.

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