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Saba Qamar’s Viral Video Is Story of Every Desi Girl

It’s not been so long since Pakistani actor Saba Qamar launched her YouTube channel. Contrary to other celebrities her show has brought something entertaining as well as the throught provoking. The fact is evident from Saba Qamar’s viral video which is winning the hearts of the desi girls for talking about something that they go through in their relationship.

In the video, Saba Qamar appeared in an interview in a show titled “The Chay Show” which is released as the second episode of her channel.

The actress recently started a YouTube channel to express herself through a new medium and platform during coronavirus pandemic.  It is Just like what the other celebrities are doing in quarantine.

Saba Qamar’s Viral Video Talks about Women Suffering of Toxic Relationships

In the video Saba Qamar was interviewed by makeup artist Shoaib Khan, who adopted the attire of Geo TV host Sohail Warraich. The theme of the show doesn’t seem to be around the toxic relatinships. In fact it appears to be more about actresses facing mysoginistic questions from the interviewer. These were different questions about past relationships, that turned the show into Saba Qamar’s viral video on social media.

In her response about past relationships, Hindi Medium actress talked about how she was in an abusive relationship that ended in misery.

She talked how she wasted eight years of her life with a man who misbehaved, used to lie and humiliate her on a regular basis. She added that he always apologized in the end but did not leave his habits.

She told that how she was heavily invested in the relationship and her wasted own time. She wanted a long-term commitment with him and thought that he might mend his ways but he failed to do so. Later He got married to a cousin.

Saba Qamar also highlighted how every girl has been taught to die rather than leaving a marriage, this sentence ruined the eight-years of her life.

About Her Second Relationship

Saba Qamar’s viral video also  talks about how she mustered up courage and gave a chance to another person who was from abroad. But unfortunately, a man from abroad could not withstand with time and distance and their relationship ended as well. She named her dog “Dino” after the name of ex from abroad.

Is It Saba’s Real Story?

Nobody is sure if what Saba Qamar’s viral video explained about her relationship was true or not since it seems to be created for entertainment purposes, but one thing is clear. What Baaghi actor talked about is the real story of every desi girl who has to waste her precious time hoping for them to get married. Therefore her video went viral for a reason which is obviously relatability to so many girls out there.

Saba Qamar has always kept her personal life under wraps. Recently in an #asksaba  Twitter trend and she replied to a question about relationship that she was single.

As per her reply she did not find someone.

Saba will be seen in Sarmad Khoosat’s upcoming film Kamli. While on the other hand, she has also announced a new movie shooting of which is going to be started soon. Gharana Nahi Hai is the movie name which is expected this year soon.

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