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Imagine Pakistani Journalist Sabir Shakir As Your Mathematics Teacher

Pakistani TV actor and journalist Sabir Shakir’s slip of tongue has changed the statistics of coronavirus patients in Pakistan.

He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in which he mistakenly reported the wrong figures of people tested positive of coronavirus in Pakistan. He said 500 thousand cases instead of 5 thousand in his video.

Deadly coronavirus is not a joke for some more than 90people have died in Pakistan along with five thousand confirmed cases of infected patients.World Health Organization has already declared as pandemic. The fatality rate is not that high as reported by senior journalist Sabir Shakir and it is something that can cause panic. worse than coronavirus pandemic.

It is also evident that people actually need something to talk about. Earlier it was Imran Khan’s tracksuit address and now this Sabir Shakir miscalculation.

Coronavirus Statistics By Sabir Shakir Will Make You Laugh

Sabir Shakir’s video of miscalculations of the coronavirus cases in Pakistan has also brought some laugh not because it was actually funny but because it got into hands of social media.

Nobel Prize for the Journalist?

Well, it was inevitable for People to not target Shakir with their sarcasm. And, what can be more sarcastic than awarded him a  Nobel Prize of in Mathematics  in such a situation.

AJournalist Naila Inayat requested to not learn flattening the curve from this Pakistani journalist since he was bad at calculations.

Greatest Sitcom after Seinfeld

The hilarious video of Sabir Shakir’s miscalculation of coronavirus patients in Pakistan is termed as the best sitcom after Seinfeld

Lack of professionalism

People are confused if  it is really a slip-of-tongue or it is a lack of professionalism by someone they think is a puppet and biased Journalist.

A YouTube Channel with more than 600,000 Followers? How They Take Him Seriously

YouTube Channel of Sabir Shakir has more than 600 thousand subscribers. The video also allowed nn subscribers to check that channel and get shocked  shocked. It seems they didn’t expect him to have such fan following  the reason they felt sorry for those who follow and watch  hisvideos daily

Some compared the number of coronavirus patient of United States (which is highest at the moment) and asked clarifictionclarification

It appears that people are not in a mode to let go Sabir Shakir for the mistake he made. Or they are too free to make comparisons and relate him to some already viral mistakes.

Folks were trying to break the mathematical code by Mr. Sabir

Probably, this is how decoding Sabir Shakir’s calculation felt like.

Finally Sabir Shakir Appologizes for Slip of Tongue

After the video went viral on social media Journalist Sabir Sakir apologized for the mistake in calculation and said it was just a slip-of-tongue.

Earlier Well, it is not for the first time that journalist has went viral for such thing.Shakir was criticized of his English reading skills. He has became a target when his reading a political tweet in English went viral.

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