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The Real Story Behind Sad Keanu Meme Will Make You Laugh

Recently, in a chat show with Stephen Colbert, the breathtaking actor revealed the backstory behind the famous Sad Keanu meme. The photo of him munching on a sandwich while looking down went extremely viral in 2010. Many internet users thought that Keanu Reeves was all dark and gloomy in the photo, leading them to theorize what he could be thinking about. However, Keanu has made everything clear now.

Sad Keanu Meme Explained

The host brought up the photograph dubbed as a sad Keanu meme from when the actor used to have short hair. The viral picture showed the Speed actor sitting on a bench and eating food that gave melancholic vibes to the viewers.


It would come as a relief to the fans to learn that their favourite star wasn’t sad. When the host showed the picture to the audience, Keanu quickly exclaimed, “I was just eating a sandwich, man”. He continued, “I was thinking. I had some stuff going on. I was hungry”. The explanation drew a large applaud from the crowd that couldn’t stop laughing at the simplicity of the actor.

Inspiration for Comic Book

The reference of the sad Keanu meme also appears in a comic book named “Brzrkr”, which Reeves recently created. The frame features a dark-haired figure waiting on a bench in the pouring rain, striking a similar pose as the actor in the viral photograph.


The Devil’s Advocate actor explained the similarity by appreciating the amazing artwork by Ron Garney, who illustrated and designed the “Brzrkr” comic book. Reeves said he didn’t know that the artist was going to do that, but he thought it was “meta”, referencing the creativity of the comic book panel.

Keanu also shrugged that it was hard to believe how an artist like Garney, who worked on huge projects like Marvel comics, drew inspiration from a meme. He guessed that why life and art go hand in hand.

Clip from the Interview

Reeves has appeared in many memes besides the sad Keanu meme. The Matrix actor was clueless when the host asked him why he was so meme-able. He was equally fascinated by his ability to become a meme now and then.

He also recreated Bill Withers’ song “Lean On Me” into “Meme on me, when you’re not strong”. The interview is quite fun to watch.

Keanu Reeves next project, Matrix Resurrections, will be in theatres from December 22, 2021.

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