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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Blimp in Yellow Bikni to Fly Over Westminster

A 29ft high giant Sadiq Khan blimp clad in the yellow bikini is set to fly over Westminister on September 1, 2018. Flying of the mayor of London effigy is an attempt to protest against an increased crime rate in the city.

Who Sponsored Sadiq Khan Blimp

Protestors have crowdfunded Sadiq Khan blimp which is a response to giant Trump baby that flew over London upon the United States President’s visit to the UK. They reportedly collected $75,000 to fund the campaign for the removal of Sadiq Khan.

But, it seems that the Mayor of London’s bikini-clad yellow balloon is more like a response to President Trump’s orange baby. They both look similar. Trump’s orange effigy showed him like a baby who was wearing a diaper and talking on the phone. Sadiq Khan blimp shows him wearing a yellow bikini. Both these effigies are inflatable balloons.

Those who protested against Donald Trump had also crowdfunded the project through a website.

Why Protestors Chose Yellow Bikini Blimp

Protestors chose to design Sadiq Khan blimp with a yellow bikini by alluding to an add that he had banned. The ad showed a woman wearing a yellow bikini and slogan saying ‘Are You Beach Body Ready.’ Khan had banned this ad because of it promoted a stereotypical body image.

Sadiq Khan’s Response to His Blimp

The idea of seeing his bikini-clad effigy flying over Westminister didn’t disturb Sadiq Khan who reportedly said, “If people want to spend their Saturday looking at me in a yellow bikini, they are welcome to do so.”

“I don’t think yellow is my color though”.

The activists behind the campaign to fly Sadia Khan blimp also claimed that they wanted to see if Mayor of London who allowed flying Trump balloon over the city, upon his arrival to the UK would allow flying his effigy.

Yanny Bruere who is supporting Make London Safe Again Campaign wrote on the website page, “In light of the ‘Baby Trump’ balloon being allowed to fly over London during his visit to the UK, let’s get a ‘Baby Khan’ one and see if free speech applies to all.”

Why They Want to Remove Sadiq Khan

According to media reports the purpose of flying Sadiq Khan blimp over London is to protest against increased crime rate which allegedly skyrocketed after Khan became the mayor. A look at the Facebook page of the event shows that 7000 people were interested while more than 900 were going.

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