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Sadiq Khan to Transform Labour Party

Many political analysts believe that Sadiq Khan is more popular among the Labour Party voters. A new survey by YouGov suggests Sadiq Khan could transform his party.

Sadiq Khan More Trustworthy

The research points to the fact that Sadiq Khan may be more reliable than Mrs. May or Mr. Corbyn. The survey of 1000 Londoners suggests that they trust the London Mayor in matters of terrorism. Around 75% of the voters say that Sadiq Khan is doing a great job.

London voters trust Labour Party more than any other party. The polls suggest 50 percent voters trust Labour Party over Conservatives with 34 percent votes. However, when the voters were asked if Mr. Sadiq was leading the party, the voter’s support went to 54 percent.

The new research will further popularize Sadiq Khan. He is one of the future leaders to lead the Labour Party. Besides, he has a massive fan following across differing political views.

Sadiq Khan Can Protect the UK Against Terrorism

Sadiq Khan to Transform Labour PartyOnly 41 percent of the Londoners trust Jeremy Corbyn to protect them against terrorism.

And around 42 percent of the Londoners believe that Theresa May would protect them against terrorism.

However, 51 percent of the Londoners believe London Mayor will protect them against terrorists.

Out of 10 voters, six believe Sadiq Khan is doing a tremendous job.

Sadiq Khan Strongly Supports Businesses

In a recent speech, he said that many in the government find him easy to access. He said it is easy to do business with him than people like Boris Johnson.

He also stated that he is willing to work with the government instead of going against it. London Mayor, as per him, did not try to go all out against the government, unlike Boris and Ken.

The London Mayor further said that he was not happy with the lack of business support for his party in last elections. Furthermore, he stated that it had become tough to find support for his party from business quarters.

A Misconception that Labour Party is Anti-Business

Sadiq Khan also misspelled the falsely created image of Labour Party being anti-business. He said that he is comfortable with success and being pro-business. He stated that he supports the wealth creators in London.

The Mayor of London suggests stimulation of economy by the use of stamp duty and business rates. He gave the example of childcare businesses that could pay lesser taxes on their properties to help overcome nursery shortages. The appropriate use of budgets as per him could enable colleges to provide employable graduates to the businesses.

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