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Follow These Safety Rules to Avoid Road Accidents

We take traffic safety rules for granted. As road users, we do not consider the dangers of ignoring these safety rules. When we are not following these driving safety tips, it can result in catastrophe for us or anyone else on the road.

Cold Facts of Road Accidents

The next time you choose to ignore these traffic safety rules, just try to recall these facts.

  • Traffic accidents cause over 3,000 deaths each day. Over 1.3 million die each year in traffic accidents.
  • Over 50% of all road accidents involve people aging between 15 and 44.
  • The traffic accidents are one the 9th leading causes of death around the world.
  • Around 9 out of 10 road accidents occur in poor and developing nations.
  • The global cost of traffic accidents is estimated to be around $518 billion.

Best Safe Car Driving Tips

For you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you need to follow these safety rules.

Traffic Signs Indicate Road Safety Rules

Road safety signs help you take action to avoid danger. Always follow the traffic signs and never jump a red light. If you do not follow the traffic safety rules, you are putting many lives at risk. If you see a sign you do not understand, learn about it. Ignoring a traffic sign can be potentially harmful to you and people traveling with you.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

We fell prey to many distractions. The smartphone is one of the most common distractions these days for drivers. Latest reports suggest that 25% of all car accidents take place while the driver is using a smartphone. This distraction does not only involve texting but also using the smartphone while on the road.  

Have Extra Time When Travelling

Make a habit of allocating extra time to your trip. Add 15 to 20 minutes to your travel time when going to the office or any other place. A rush to reach your destination fast can also contribute to road accidents.

Always Prepare for Weather

Weather can sometimes make it difficult or dangerous for you to travel. Always keep an eye on the weather. For example, in winter driving tips, you need to learn how to drive on snow. Try to avoid driving in rainy weather with poor visibility and a slippery road.

Adopt Defensive Style of Driving

Always be aware of your surroundings as well as the other drivers on the road. Be alert when driving and anticipate the mistakes that other drivers on the road may commit. Maintain at least a 2 seconds braking distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in the front. Increase this braking distance to 4 seconds in case of wet weather conditions.

Always Use the Seatbelt

Follow These Safety Rules to Avoid Road AccidentsThe seatbelt is an important safety element in your vehicle. Always make sure that you are wearing the belt. Also, make sure that other passengers in the car are also wearing the belts. Never allow children to fight in the car. They should remain seated with their seatbelts on.

Driving When Tired or Under Influence

Make sure that you do not drive under the influence of a drug or medication. If your doctor prescribes you a new medicine, always ask if you can drive after taking that particular drug. Also, pull your vehicle into a rest area if you are too tired to drive.

Use of Turn Signals and Side Mirrors

Always use your car’s turn signals when changing lanes. Turn signals are an important part of the safety rules. They communicate your intent to the other drivers on the road. Failure to communicate a turn can result in a serious accident. Similarly, the use of side mirrors helps you keep an eye on the road behind you.

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