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Are Sajal and Ahad Divorce Rumors True?

The Pakistani actors Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir got married in March 2020, which gained the attention of many on social media. Once again, the couple is in highlights amidst speculations about their divorce. People assumed that Sajal and Ahad would be separated since Aly removed Ahad’s name from her social media profile. She changed the profile name from Sajal Ahad Mir to Sajal Ali, which resulted in shocking responses from the fans. 

Are Sajal and Ahad Getting a Divorce?

Aside from the assumptions about their separation, Sajal and Ahad did not comment on the pressing matter. Thus, nothing is confirmed regarding their relationship status. So far, one can only suspect that the speculations are just rumours based on public opinions formed by Sajal’s social media activities. On the contrary, the Sinf-e-Aahan actress had previously talked during an interview with a local publication about her relationship with Mir and why they decided to get married. She mentioned that her husband asked her to marry him since he didn’t want to lose her. The actress also said that she doesn’t often talk about her partner as she would keep on talking about him for hours once started. Their bond is one of the reasons why fans are more curious about their marital status. 

Causes Behind Assumptions About Sajal and Ahad Mir’s Separation

Netizens can’t stop wondering about the alleged separation of Sajal and Ahad since they tied the knot quite recently. The assumptions took place as a result of a few incidents, including the absence of Mir in Aly’s special events. It was a bit astonishing for the folks to not see him at Sajal’s sister Saboor Ali’s wedding. Ehd e Wafa actor was in Dubai with his family to attend some events. He also missed the promotional event of his wife’s movie ‘Khel Khel Mai’. However, while talking to media outlets, she said that her husband was working outside Pakistan so couldn’t attend the occasion. The prying eyes of the media didn’t leave out the previous incidents lining up to form the assumptions. The removal of the display name from Instagram became the final step that burst out the public’s comments about the couple on platforms.  

Fans Reactions

Fans are losing their minds regarding Sajal and Ahad Mir’s current marital situation. Some are just heartbroken over unconfirmed news. They have been sharing pictures of both actors and sad emojis to express their emotions. Aly might have changed the name for probably the same reason why Priyanka Chopra didn’t keep her husband’s name on social media. Some celebrities prefer to keep the same name after marriage since they want people to recognize their identities individually.

The rest of the fan following doesn’t want to see their favourite couple get apart, and for that, they are wishing them good luck. 

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