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Does Salman Khan’s Radhe Movie Live up to Expectations?

The trailer of the Newest Radhe Movie starring Salman Khan is out and it is getting millions of views on YouTube.  The film is also going to be released soon. The teaser apparently looks great. Many khan’s fans are eager to watch their highly anticipated film. On the other hand, many are quite unhappy with the film and actors. Many bollywood viewers are also expressing their opinion on how the movie seems overrated.

What Does Radhe Movie Trailer Reveal about the Film?

In the recently released Radhe movie trailer, Salman khan can be seen doing the action as susual. Seemingly, the plot tells that the film revolves around the conflict between the police force and drug mafia which is ruining the lives of youth. Salman khan being the protagonist and a high-profile police officer saves the day by cleaning the city of criminals. The trailer shows the lead female actor and the villain of the new upcoming Bollywood movie. Many of the reactions look similar to those surfacing on social media when Race 3 trailer was released.

The trailer looks promising since it is carrying the heat of its prequal ‘Wanted’. The 2009 movie was very much appreciated by the fans and the people who love Khan’s movies are hoping to get the same crisp in the film as before. 

Release Date, Main Cast, and Platforms

As Salman khan fans would have an idea that the actor’s big projects release on the occasion of Eid. Keeping the tradition alive, Khan’s movie is releasing on May 13, 2021. Also, it will hit the big screens as well as media Zee plex and Zee5 streaming platforms.

Furthermore, besides Salman, the main cast of Radhe Movie involves: 

Disha Patani, the heroine

Randeep Hooda, The antagonist

Jackie Shroff, the heroine’s brother 

Radhe was one of the top five upcoming Bollywood movies. According to some fans, these actors will make the movie a marvel since all of them are extremely talented. 

Besides, considering the big brother image of Salman khan among people, his movies are always appreciated. However, releasing this one on steaming platform might put it in a pickle. The reason is that the overall khan fans are the common people who want to watch him in action on the big screen. The viewers on streaming platforms are a bit different. They usually don’t go for Bollywood action especially the films with too much made-up action scenes like many Hindi films are notorious for.   

Furthermore, given the covid19 situation in India, releasing a movie in theatres especially on Eid would be risky thing to do since India is the epicenter of coronavirus now a days. Every day hunderds of thousands of people are catching the virus making authorities to impose blanket lockdowns. Given this situation full cinema houses on the eve of Eid doesn’t seem like a reality.

What Do Critics Say About It?

The trailer was recently released and Salman Khan himself promoted it one day before its release. Many are excited about the film’s arrival after watching the trailer. Although, among the appraisers, several are criticizing the film and its trailer too. 

Many people on social media, posted that all of the recent mega projects of Salman khan including Radhe Movie, Race 3, Bharat, and Dabangg 3 are the most overrated films and there are much better movies out there. 


Some are not interested at all in the imminent Salman Khan’s Bollywood movie. They are glad that the platforms chosen for the movie release are not something they’d get a subscription to.

However, if Radhe movies succeeds getting to the top trending watchs on the streaming media then it will really prove that Salman Khan still has a relevance despite not being so versatile enough.

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