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Salman Khan Reacts to Fans Spilling Milk Over Antim’s Poster

The Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan has acknowledged the way his fans are celebrating and enjoying his new movie, Antim: the final truth, by doing bizarre things. The actor advised them not to indulge in such acts that can become dangerous for others. Apparently, the latest Bollywood film starring Khan was much anticipated by the fans. When the movie was released recently, Indians who admire the industry’s Bhai Jan got carried away with the excitement and turned the cinema into a Diwali venue.

Salman Khan Fans Doing Weird Things with Antim: The Final Truth

The theatrical release of Antim:The Final truth attracted a good number of Salman Khan fans and overall viewers to theatres. While watching the movie, the devotees were hooting and whistling loudly. But what caught the attention of Khan was his fans bursting firecrackers inside the cinema hall. The video went viral on social media as Salman also watched it.

The story doesn’t end here because celebrating the film’s release or seeing the actor on the screen by burning crackers inside the hall wasn’t the only bad thing. The over-excited admirers of the celebrity expressed their love for him by spilling milk all over his movie’s poster. They were seemingly showing love towards him with the milk.

Khan Requests to Put a Stop on Madness

Salman Khan shared the viral video on his Instagram profile in order to send a message to his fans. He mentioned in the post that his fans have all the rights to enjoy his film but they are not supposed to put others in danger by pulling such stunts. He advised owners of cinemas that they need to check the visitors and don’t let anyone carry firecrackers with them inside the auditorium.

Moreover, he also shared the video of people spilling milk all over his poster to praise and show their enthusiasm towards him. He wrote that many are deprived of water and these people have enough milk to waste. They should give this blessing to those poor kids who can’t afford to have it.

Fans Admire Salman’s Thoughtfulness

Where several fans were crossing their ethical limits while enjoying the film Antim: The Final Truth, many others loved the way Salman Khan opined about the whole thing. They agreed with him and said that the respect for him has reached a new level now.

Other than that, Antim seems to have overcome the criticism on Khan due to his previously released Radhe movie. It wasn’t doing well in the box office since it supposedly hurt the expectations of his fans. This might be one of the reasons why his fans were going to such extremes with the celebrations.

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