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Saloni Gaur Makes Fun Of Varun Dhawan’s Acting In Coolie No. 1

Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan starer Coolie No. 1 is facing criticism for the poor performance of the actors. The film which is directed by Varun’s father David Dhawan is also being slammed for unfairly promoting the star kids. Indian comedian Saloni Gaur who never shies away from giving her opinion in a humorous manner, also jumped in and explained Varun’s monotonic style exactly, the way it appeared in fil,

Saloni Gaur posted a video on social media in which she made fun of his acting. Her funny video showed how the popular Varun Dhawan kept his acting skills to the minimum as his expressions did not even change throughout the film. Besides, social media became a comedy hub itself due to people’s mockery against the movie as well as its protagonist. 

Saloni Gaur Took It too Far With Varun Dhawan’s Immitation

The world knows Gaur as Nazma Aapi whose talent and expertise are associated with the mimicry of popular personalities. Usually, she uses her comedy skills to highlight social issues; however, she put aside the actual focus of her profession and roasted the Bollywood actor Dhawan on social media. Earlier, she ever roasted Kangana Ranaut when she fought with Diljit Dosanjh on the issue of Indian farmers’ protest.

As per her video, Varun did nothing but to fixate on a single expression throughout his movie. Presumably, the short funny clip is only fulfilling the purpose of comedy, nonetheless, it also criticizes the actor and his acting skills. 

Coolie No 1’s Poor Performance 

The new Bollywood movie Coolie no 1 couldn’t do well at the box office due to certain reasons reflected by the audience. According to Rotten Tomatoes, an outlet that shows users as well as critics-based ratings of movies, the remake did not even remotely touch the successful rating. According to the views posted on the platform, most viewers think that copying or recreating something cannot replace the originality of the actual masterpiece.   

Some of the views suggest that with the innovation and changes in the era, a movie should also adapt to those changes. Similarly, Coolie no 1 might have been a different and successful movie if the concept was a bit unique. 

After all, many individuals’ thinking resembles the witty imitation Saloni Gaur presented before the audience, as they think the main actor failed to cope with the unique qualities of the original film. 

The movie even failed to cross a 5.0 rating on the widely used IMDB, a review-based platform. The film only managed to achieve 3.7, which is below average.  

As per certain public views, Jr, Dhawan didn’t do justice with the word acting. Thus the audience trolled him for his substandard acting in the film.

Is Nepotism The Reason Behind Low Success Rate?

After the demise of the famous actor, Sushant Singh Rajpoot, a wide range of people along with some well-known identities in Bollywood, started questioning the industry. Their main concern resided with the assertion of nepotism becoming too mainstream in the industry posing difficulties for outsiders.

Since the star cast of the movie includes children of some celebrities including the director David Dhawan and actor Saif Ali khan, the casting might be the cause of unfortunate results in terms of performance and ratings. 

Apart from Varun’s many good movies, remakes of the old ones do not promise a massive success since a multitude of notions point towards nepotism. Many think that his father offers him one of his old movies every time he is available due to a lack of new films. Varun had earlier appeared in the remake of Judwaa 2 as well.

The overall performance and opinions stated by the spectators, not just Saloni Gaur but plenty of individuals find the film worthy to be a victim of puns and ridicule.  

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