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2 New Samsung A Series Phones Better Than Its Flagships

Samsung brand is mostly known for its elite lineups of Galaxy S, M, or Note series. Phones of such a category are difficult for many people to buy due to high prices. With Samsung A series phones, the brand took a somewhat different approach in connecting with its target market. Previously, the brand charged up to 100,000 PKR for features that were later present in a 50,000 PKR phone.

This series has again made Samsung popular in Pakistan by drastically cutting down the retail price while offering decent features.

Upcoming Samsung A Series Phones

Galaxy A series stands for ‘Awesome’ and usually contains phones that are considered mid-range in terms of Samsung’s prices. The cost of each phone in A series ranges from 21,000 PKR to 72,000 PKR. The most popular ones in this budget category are Galaxy A11, A20s, A31, A51, and A71. The upcoming phones will be titled A52 and A72 and are scheduled to be launched on 17th March 2021, according to media reports.

Samsung Galaxy A52

Predictably, Samsung is quiet on the exact features of upcoming Samsung A series phones. The company will reveal the exact details at the launch ceremony as well as the price. However, some tech reporters have already updated their specification data according to expectations.

According to various websites, including WhatMobile, the expected price for A52 will be around 58,000. It will reportedly have two variants; 128/6 GB, and 256/8 GB. It will consist of Quad-camera with 64MP at the back and a 32MP pinhole camera at the front. The display will feature 90Hz, which is normally present in Samsung phones above 100,000 PKR like Note 20.

Some other leaked details might not be accurate but it is rare for Samsung to offer such features in a 50-60k phone. It will prove to one of the best phones

Samsung Galaxy A72

The second one is the Galaxy A72 which will contain the same RAM and storage capacity as the A52 but is far superior in terms of power and speed. The main difference is the UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 2.1 storage type which makes this version an absolute powerhouse in less amount than other Samsung flagships. Storage type is highly underrated when it comes to manufacturing phones.

UFS 2.1 is the fastest kind of storage in today’s high-end Android phones. The expected price for A72 is 80,000 PKR, which is not a big mark considering the brand’s name is Samsung. This technology was used in elite-level phones like the OnePlus 5, Galaxy S8, and HTC U11.

The camera and Display will also stay the same with A72 being a little larger than other Samsung A series phones. Battery capacity is higher than A52, standing at 5000mAh.

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