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Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production of High-Performance 3NM Chips

Samsung Electronics recently announced its plan to mass-produce 3nm chips that will bring revolutionary changes not just in smartphones but also in high-performance computers. The plan includes the usage of the new chips in comp applications. The company is prioritizing PCs over smartphones as it has decided to experiment with them in mobiles later. Also, the company is competing with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited), the other producers of 3nm chips to gain marketing dominance.

Samsung Electronics Offers More Power

According to Samsung Electronics, the new 3nm chips can bring innovation in the speed and performance of the devices. They are not just smaller in size but also much more efficient and powerful. The first-gen 3nm technology can be beneficial in terms of having less power consumption ability. They can reduce up to 45% of power consumption. Also, the performance can be enhanced by 23% with the use of the chips. Since the size is much smaller, the replacement of 5nm chips with 3nm makes a lot of room within the computers.

Does Samsung Exceed in the Competition?

Reportedly, TSMC and Samsung Electronics are the only two biggest firms to deal in the microchips around the globe. Both companies are operating to produce the chips in order to cover the shortage issue. They make and supply nanometer chipsets to the tech markets of the world. However, Samsung holds the second rank in being the producer of benefactor. As per reports, it only has 16% of the market share whereas TSMC has the majority of clients including Apple and Qualcomm.

Mass Production to Gain Marketing Dominance

Samsung has been actively introducing new programs, smartphones, and tactics to capture the bigger fish in the sea and a higher customer base. The last year’s program of the company ‘Samsung Upcycling’ was a way to cover the setbacks but it didn’t turn out as planned. The mass production of 3nm chips might help Samsung Electronics gain a better place in the market as a competitor. However, TSMC is also trying to up its game by increasing its production rate of the chips.

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