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Samsung Foldable Smartphone Is Likely to Debut Soon

Smartphone giants are no more competing each other on the basis of wide and bezel less screen. They are now trying to differentiate by coming up with bendable screens that help users economize on space and keep their phones with more sophistication. While the concept is not entirely new as leading companies have already talked about such innovation, it is likely to become material in the form of Samsung foldable smartphone, in near future.

Whether users will be able to see Apple’s foldable display with iPhone 9 is not sure, but they may experience this in the form of Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

What Samsung Foldable Smartphone Will be All About

South Korean smartphone giant hinted at Samsung foldable smartphone by uploading a folded logo on Facebook; this gave rise to speculations that company was looking to introduce its first bendable phone in near future.

The time at which Samsung has uploaded folded logo on Facebook is also note worthy. Samsung Developers’ Conference is to kick off on November 7. Hence, there are chances that company may introduce the concept or idea behind the working of its likely upcoming Samsung Foldable Smartphone.

When the Bendable Smartphone will Hit Market

According to media reports Samsung foldable smartphone may not hit market before mid 2019 as no final design has been decided yet, but company is working on it. Still, smartphone giant has not distinctly talked about bringing a phone with foldable display, but its representatives have vaguely hinted on this. Again, showing a folded logo just before the Samsung’s Developer Conference in San Francisco indicates that company is not much far from bringing any such design into reality.

Tech Companies to On Introducing Bendable Devices

There is no doubt that tech giants are in a race to bring more sophisticated options for user’s interface and screen display. They are not limiting their innovation to smartphones only but also expanding it to other devices like laptops and tablots. Last year Lenovo announced its foldable laptop. There were rumors about Huawei coming up with its bendable smartphone.

Further, Apple talking about introducing a foldable smartphone is not a new concept. Smartphone manufacturers which are also in the business of smart watches are indeed expected to come up with unique and user focused designs to make daily use devices more portable.

Which company succeeds in launching first ever foldable smartphone is still an mystery, more likely to be resolved till near future.

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