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Difference between Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Note 20 on 5th August at a virtual event named Unpacked. The phone is likely to launch on 21st August alongside Note 20 Ultra which is a bigger and beefier version of the standard one.

Despite having some similar components, both versions differ from each other significantly. However, not so much in terms of price. 1000 USD for Galaxy Note 20 and 1300 USD for the Ultra does not seem like a significant price difference. In fact, it puts both these phones in the premium category which was a letdown for many smartphone users.

The problem is that the standard Note does not seem so premium like its price. The following differences will clarify the reasons.

Galaxy Note 20 Design

Note 20 is not only a lite version of Ultra but it is also takes a step back from last year’s Note 10 which was priced at 950 USD. Apparently, the Note 20 has thick bezels on all sides unlike its predecessor and the Ultra version. This is the first Note which used polycarbonate plastic chassis instead of a glass back.

It is also significantly larger than the Note 10 which developed an experience for users who prefer less imposing handsets. Ultra on the other hand has a glass and metal finish which would qualify for being a premium set. All the buttons are situated on the right frame while S Pen, and charging slot are found at the base. Sadly there is no headphone jack or microSD card slot in Note 10.

Display & Resolution

The Galaxy Note 20 has a 6.7 inch display (2400×1080) and a two-year old Gorilla Glass 5. The screen also doesn’t contain 120Hz display which is featured in the entire series of Galaxy S20. It has only 60Hz refresh rate which is merely a joke in a thousand dollar handset.

Note 20 Ultra has the 120Hz display along with 6.9 inch display (3088×1440) and the latest Gorilla Glass 7 which is also known as Victus and is the toughest glass till date.


Both phones are equipped with a triple camera. In Galaxy Note 20, there is one 12 MP Ultra Wide, one 12 MP Wide-angle, and one 64MP Telephoto Camera. In Note 20 Ultra, there is again one 12MP Ultra Wide Camera with one 108MP Wide-angle and 12MP Telephoto Camera with Laser AF sensor. Below are some sample images taken from triple camera of Note 20 Ultra:

Performance & Specifications

In most markets, Note 20 will support a controversial processor, Exynos 990. The latest Snapdragon 865+ will be available in selected markets only i.e. the US, South Korea, and more. Note 20 has 8GB RAM and two options between 128GB (does not support LTE) and 256GB storage (supports LTE).

Ultra on the other hand contains 12GB RAM and three storage choice; 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Unlike Note10, it also has a microSD slot (upto 1TB).

Both handsets are water resistant up to 30 minutes and will support 5G communication.

S Pen

The difference between the response times of S Pen in each model is also significant. Note 20 S Pen has 26ms response time while Note 20 Ultra S Pen has only 9ms. The standard model just seems too inferior to be in this price range. Samsung would be better off if it pushes Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the market to give consumers a value for their money.

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