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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Come Before iPhone 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may get announced by 23rd August 2017. If the announcement on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes through, we may be able to see the phone in the market by September 2017. The expected release commensurate with the early rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 May Come Earlier than iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 release is already running errands. Different rumors are churning out about a possible delay in the release of this flagship product by Apple. If iPhone 8 release gets delayed, it could mean an early opportunity for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to make a strong impression. Samsung will eye this opportunity to overcome the bad publicity it earned with the infamous battery problems of the Samsung Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Overcome Doubts

Even though, Samsung has had success with the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. However, there are some who question the ability of Samsung to overcome the technical issues it had with Note 7. Therefore, Samsung will hope that the new Note 8 does well and does not repeat the same kind of problems the company had with Note 7.

What Has Samsung Done to Overcome the Battery Issue?

Samsung fully appreciates the extent of technical challenges it had with Note 7. The company also showed seriousness to overcome an issue it had with the battery problem. Therefore, it has introduced an 8-point battery safety check to overcome the problem.

Let us have a look at the 8-oint battery safety checks introduced by Samsung.

Voltage Changes Test

To see if there are any variations in the battery charging throughout the manufacturing process.

Disassembling Test

To check the overall quality of the battery after disassembling it including insulation and tab welding.

Accelerated Usage Test

To do accelerated usage test of the battery under load and see how it performs.

X-Ray Rest

To conduct X-ray of the battery to see if there are any changes to the inside of the battery.


To make the battery, as well as the device entirely, leak proof.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Come Before iPhone 8Visual Inspection

The visual inspection of each of the battery to ensure it passes the set criteria.

Test of Charge and Discharge

A large scale test is conducted to see battery performance under charge and discharge.


The durability test checks battery’s performance under frequent testing. The durability test also includes nail puncture test, overcharging test, and stress test under high temperatures.

If iPhone 8 release date may get pushed further to later this year beyond September, giving Samsung a real chance. The company can try to regain the trust of its customers and possibly get the potential sales advantage.

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