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Samsung Galaxy S10 Features, Release Date and Price

According to tech analysts Samsung Galaxy S10, the next flagship of South Korean smartphone giant is likely to be a game changer. The new model will reportedly have a massive upgrade in its design and features that will help it to stay on top.

Samsung Galaxy 10 Features

Tech enthusiasts have just come across few leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S10 features, and they seem promising. According to SamMobile the significant upgrade in the new model will be its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The feature will be available in two premium models. The third entry-level model will have an optical fingerprint scanner.

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners use an ultrasonic pulse to take the prints, while optical scanners only take a photo. With S10, Galaxy users now may have a fingerprint scanner powered by cutting edge technology.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 may also have face mapping feature that will make it stand at par with Apple’s facial recognition feature.

Galaxy S10 Screen and Design

Apart from ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, another rumor about S10 is that it will have a bezel-free design with screens of three different sizes. Samsung has already reduced the bezel to a slender shape in Galaxy S9. An all screen design is likely to be something new for the users. If S10 with curved edges doesn’t have any bezel, then front camera might be built into the screen. Further, it will be too early to evaluate the response of users towards an all screen smartphone.

Operating System of Samsung Galaxy S10

In the debate on Android Vs. iOS, it is usually Android that wins for being cheap and customizable. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy, then not many users like Android as the company is not fast enough to upgrade its new flagships to the updated operating system. While it is not sure whether Samsung Galaxy S10 will have the latest Android version, the chances for it to have the Google’s Android Pie cannot be ruled out.

S10 Release Date

According to speculations by smartphone enthusiasts, Samsung may release its Galaxy S10 in the early months of 2019. It had released its S9 and S9 plus in February 2018 on the eve of Mobile Wolrd Congress. But, the smartphone giant doesn’t always release its flagships in the same event. Tech analysts can speculate the Galaxy S10’s price once its features are confirmed beyond the rumors. For now, they are expecting its price to be somewhere near Galaxy S9.

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