Samsung Galaxy S8 Unveiled Detailed Features and Specs


Samsung has made big waves by unveiling the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S8. The two phone models Galaxy 8 and S8+ are officially out.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched on April 21st, 2017. It is a major launch by Samsung after its launch of the Note 7. Note 7 experience did not particularly go well with the users with two global recalls and the exploding battery problem.

Samsung is currently struggling to regain the confidence its customers once had in its phones. Besides technical challenges, the phone manufacturer also needs to beat its No. 1 competitor the iPhone 7 by Apple.

Samsung has not announced the phones prices. However, it will be available worldwide by the launch date mentioned above.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Technical Specifications



The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in three colors including Orchid Grey, Arctic Silver, and Midnight Black. The South Korean model will have additional color options of Maple Gold and Coral Blue.

Reduced Bezel with More Display

Reduced Bezel with More DisplaySamsung Galaxy S8 will feature a 5.8 inches’ screen, and the S8+ model will have a screen of 6.2 inches. Both the phones will feature 2960 X 1,440 resolutions. The 18.5.:9 aspect ratio with reduced bezel will result in having a virtual home button. The phones also feature HDR display or High Dynamic Range, a promising new technology to deliver vivid screen viewing experience and improved colors. However, you need to have compatible content to the advantage of this technology. The new technology offers better contrast and greater picture quality.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Design

Galaxy S8 and S8 plusThe curved back makes the two phones rightly fit into the palm, despite a larger screen size. Samsung designed phones in a way that user enjoys maximum screen size, thanks to the higher screen to phone ratios. The phones look almost bezel-less, with smoothed out edges, showing pristine uninterrupted glass. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+’s glass displays extending back on sides to look as if merging into the beautiful aluminum back.

AI Assistant

The phones will have the AI Assistant named Bixby. The phones will have a dedicated activation button to activate the AI Assistant. The new AI Assistant will help you on your voice commands offering greater completeness to the users. There are also advanced voice control options with image recognition technology via the camera. The new cameras quickly capture important moments of your life, equally well at day and night. Samsung hopes that this new change will help make the phones safer. The new AI assistant also understands taps, text, and talk.

Supposedly Safer Phone

The S8 and S8+ phone will have Snapdragon 835 system with 4GB RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat. The phones will feature a 64 GB of storage, upgradeable to 256 GB with a microSD card. The phone’s processing offers 27% greater processing power resulting in lesser power consumed and supposedly work fine without having to add a larger battery. The 10nm processor is more powerful, offering greater processing speeds for running multiple applications.  The phones come with IP68-rated rain and dust proofing standard.

Improved Selfies

The phones lack a dual camera setup, something many users enjoy in the iPhone 7. The Samsung S8 and S8+ will feature the 12MP camera having a f/1.7 aperture. The camera will have autofocus system without any change in the camera hardware. The company vouches for its software improvements to speed up image processing.

Smart Switch

The Smart Switch feature is one that many smartphone users would love. The new feature allows the users of Samsung S8 and S8+ to transfer photos from their old Samsung phone easily.

Face Unlock

The new Samsung Galax S8 will feature a new face recognition option to access your phone. When you look at the phone, it will unlock itself. However, Samsung’s two old biometric systems are also intact to for increased security of the phone. Press the power button to wake up the phone and unlock its screen. Iris security makes the phone inaccessible to any stalkers. The phone only opens to your own eyes as no two irises are the same.