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Samsung Gets Sued For False Advertisement in Australia

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is suing Samsung for falsely advertising its phones as resistant to every kind of water when in reality, they are not. The company Has refuted the claim and has said to defend its position.

 Samsung Ads Are Misleading

South Korean phone manufacturer introduced phones in Australia, which it claimed were resistent to even beach and pool water. The ad aired for the marketing purpose of the product showed a man using his Samsung phone while being submerged in water without any problem.

The lawsuit filed by ACCC stated that the phone manufacturer didn’t account for the acidity nor the alkalinity of the liquid and passed its Galaxy phone series as water resistant.

The lawsuit further alleged that the 300 advertisements that were aired misinformed the consumer and hence gave the company an unfair advantage.

Samsung always comes up with unique features to differentiate itself from competitors.  According to Samsung S10 Leaks the new flagship will have a scratch resistant screen.

The smartphone giant, while defending itself said the phones in question are water resistant subjected they are used in accordance with the rules and regulation the company has set. Samsung is the second most sought after mobile phone brand in Australia right after Apple.

If the charges get proven, the phone manufacturer may get fined up to seven million dollars or 10 percent of the total annual earnings along with providing the affected customers with a refund.

This Is Not Only Samsung

This isn’t the first time electronic companies have tried to mislead consumers into either using or buying their products with features that are promised but never offered. Just recently, Sony settled a similar class-action lawsuit in which it attempted to miss lead consumer by making similar claims regarding its Sony Xperia smartphone range in 2017.  Furthermore, the copany had to provide refunds to its customer.

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