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New Samsung S10 Leak Reveals Look of All Three Models

Here comes a new Samsung S10 leak that has taken the internet by storm. The South Korean smartphone giant has reportedly confirmed to release its flagship in the first half of 2019. But pictures of its phones are already going viral on internet, after being leaked by smartphone enthusiasts.

Look of the Samsung S10 Model

We got the first glimpse of all three models of Samsung S10 through the Twitter account of Evan Blass. The user is famous for revealing accurate pre-release information about smartphones.

Well, folks are speculating that employees must have leaked out Samsung S10 photos as a teaser.

What Are the Possible Specs

Remember when we wrote how the new Samsung s10 would be a game changer and give tough time to its rivals like Huawei and Apple? Well, a look at the model and relevant leaks shows that company plans to make a difference with the help of a strong, scratch resistant casing.

Yes, the new model will have a ceramic case with metallic lustre that will make it a bit heavier to carry.

The phone is rumored to be available in white, black, yellow and deep sea green. The three models of S-10 will have display sizes ranging from 5.8 to 6.4 inches.

It will have an infinity display with two horizontal rear cameras and one front camera.  Unlike Samsung S9, this phone may not have an iris sensor for facial recognition, instead it will have a screen built fingerprint sensor.

Some Other Notable features of Samsung S 10

 Another distinguished feature of Samsung S10 is going to be its extended battery life. The phone is also said to have an improved version of AI improving the user experience. While, the exact prices of this phones are not revealed yet, it is likely to have economic options in the form of models with smaller sizes.

According to media reports Samsung is happy with the response it’s been getting.

How Users Are Seeing the Changes

It seems that users are excited about the Samsung S10; they are happy to hear that Samsung has worked hard on fixing some problems it had in previous versions; one of the issues being a delicate display screen that broke upon falling on the ground once or twice. We will get to know about complete features of this phone on February 20, on official date of its release.

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