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Can Samsung Upcycling Make You Feel Like Living In Smart Home?

Samsung upcycling program is the new venture introduced by the South Korean smartphone giant. initiative will be helpful for all those who wish to enhance their lifestyle by becoming technologically smart. In other words, the company’s ‘galaxy upcycling at home’ program involves old Samsung smartphones to become controllers for smart electronic appliances. 

What Is the Vision Behind Samsung upcycling?

Samsung Upcycling seems a program aimed at converting the old smartphone into a device for smart homes technology. As per the company’s vision, the old Samsung Galaxy smartphones with a simple software update will become an anchor to the smart electronic devices like lights, fans, and other electrical appliances. Jaeyeon Jung the Samsung’s VP and head of SmartThings Devices reportedly stated that the notion of using outmoded devices is to put them to use instead of wasting them. Time is catching up with scientific and technological innovation, which is why the smartphone company took further steps towards competing in the race of advancements. Jung’s perception reveals that the SmartThings program will be a feasible way of letting the users know the things they can do with their old galaxy devices. 

The program will turn the phones into SmartThings devices and the IoT (Internet of Things) will play its part in broadening the services that will help the users control the connected things. 

Why Particularly the Old phones? 

Samsung has taken a new approach towards technological advancements with its galaxy upcycling program. The plan revolves around the idea of putting the old Samsung Galaxy phone to use in order for users to live an easy and smart life. Although, the question here is which old phones is Samsung talking about. Is it referring to Galaxy S1, Note 1, Galaxy J36, or other recently outdated phones of 2019.? The Company hasn’t made that clear. It informed about the battery optimization plan which will enhance the stability of the devices in terms of long battery backups. Nonetheless, how is it planning to do that since the rusty old galaxy dead bodies can’t even function properly due to low-performance hardware? The ram, storage, and GPU are the things that make a phone work better. Since the previous devices can’t keep up with the tech-pace, they won’t be able to run better and consequently, will not provide the desired outcomes. 

The other wonderment demands to clear the ambiguity that why Samsung, a global smartphone brand can’t let the users enjoy the services of their existing and more stable phones. New phones have SmartThings application that help in connecting with other electronics in homes live an LED Tv or Air conditioner. Then why one should turn on an old device, update its outdated software or get it fixed first to use the Samsung Galaxy Upcycling Program. 

Is It Making lives Smarter Or Complicated?

Indeed, the brand is creating new opportunities like some of its other new Samsung devices for its consumers. Though, it isn’t sure that every invention would always turn out to be beneficial for the users. As per Samsung’s plan of making old galaxy devices useful, the program will make lives simpler. However, old and outdated phones which aren’t reliable can’t be trusted with the expensive electronics of the house. Surely, a touch-screen remote control will look futuristic but it will cause complications. For instance, the light sensor feature of the program detects the outside lights and automatically darkens the inside room lighting atmosphere. Keeping the scenario in mind, if the outdated smartphones without proper functional sensors will operate the electronics, the outcomes might be undesirable. Under the same situation, a Samsung user might need to get the phone repaired, install the appliances with internet connectivity and then make life simpler. The venture may not turn out to be cheap for the company lovers as they’d have to make adjustments to run the Samsung upcycling program properly. 

Is Galaxy Upcycling Program A New Way To Beat Competitors?

Samsung Upcycling might not be just a step towards technological innovation but an approach to competing with the giant competitors in the market. Almost every smartphone user has an idea that Apple and Samsung are two big names in the tech and smartphone industry. Therefore, this program might be a byproduct of competition between the brands. In the light of recent events, Apple launched its AirTag Tracking Device aside from its regular tech pieces. Soon after the announcement of the device by Apple, Samsung on April 21, 2021, announced its Upcycling plan. Several users have also been curious about the competitive progress of both tech giants. 

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