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Everything to know about New Samsung’s Virtual Assistant

The globally known tech giant, Samsung is seemingly introducing a new virtual assistant. If the information is authentic, it means goodbye to Bixby, which is the current VR software. The upcoming Samsung virtual assistant will be called Sam. When the visual art production house, Lightfarm Studios presented the designs based on Sam, people went crazy over the idea of a new assistant and flooded the internet with the new cosplays. 

Is Samsung’s Virtual Assistant Ruling Out Bixby?

According to the company’s plans regarding the new Samsung Virtual Assistant, it is working on something to provide users with an upgraded VR assistant. However, the tech giant hasn’t confirmed that they are going to present Sam as a replacement for Bixby. Thus, the current VR software is in the front seat handling the virtual operations for the users of Samsung. 

Sam Attracting So Many Smartphone Users?

The Tech giant is not just any smartphone and technology-based company, it is one of the biggest competitors of the huge and technologically advanced firms including Apple and Microsoft. The reason behind the fuss created by smartphone users on the internet might be the appearance of the alleged Samsung’s virtual assistant. The creators have designed it as an animated young girl. Unlike other virtual programs, Sam is in a 3D model, which is quite impressive. 

Lightfarm’s assistant briefed Sam that it is purely based on aesthetics which could please the users. The company’s main focus was on its appearance like hair, face, and clothing so that it looks appealing and attractive. The team was thrilled to be a part of such a project and to work with Cheil Agency as partners. 

Why does Samsung Need A New Virtual Assistance, particularly Sam?

In the world where Cortana, Alexa, and Siri rule the world of virtual assistance Samsung is somehow lagging due to its not-so-advanced Voice assistant. Bixby surely fulfills the necessities of users in terms of finding the best search engines and providing the functions that people want. But it isn’t enough for all the Samsung lovers who wish to have a bit more than iPhone and other brands. Samsung’s virtual assistant must be the heart of its flagships as well as small-scale productions. Many smartphone users become impatient whenever a new Samsung device reveals its release date. The voice assistance is too big a news for the anticipators. 

Also, Bixby is an outdated software that was transformed from S-voice, the first voice assistant by Samsung. The users have had enough of the same old features that every VR program provides. Therefore, bringing a 3D virtual application into the lives of smartphone users might change their perspective towards the brand. Now, many find Samsung a company below average due to its mid-range smartphones and their specifications. Most Samsung users who appreciate its services are usually those possessing the elite series. For instance, the buyers of S20 ultra and Galaxy Note Series.

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